1. Research Paper

Research Paper Topic:


Britain’s financial-services industry is suffering a drop in foreign investment. Investment from abroad in Britain’s financial-services firms fell 26 percent last year.

The completed research paper must address and contain:

· A problem, question or issue bearing on U.S. financial markets and institutions that is historically significant or currently important. This must be a solvable problem, like (1) You are hungry and need to eat, (2) You evaluate the situation by seeing how fast you want to eat, what you have in your home, how much money you have in your purse/wallet, etc, (3) You pose options like (a) make something from scratch, (b) microwave a meal, or (c) go to a restaurant, (4) You evaluate the three options individually and include their financial costs and benefits, (4) You compare the three options to each other, (5) You choose one of the three above ways to get lunch and justify it (6) You enact a plan to make it, microwave it or go out to the restaurant, and (6) finally you eat. If you do not do these steps then you will go hungry. Do not pose a question like (1)World Peace needs solving, (2) Ummm…

· Key Points of the situation that either describes the issue or provides history of it.

· Literature Review that demonstrates the validity and applicability of the problem, question or issue in the field

· Three possible solutions to the problem, question or issue.

· A quantitative analysis of each of the possible solutions.

· A quantitative comparison of the proposed solutions that demonstrates proficiency utilizing quantitative models in financial evaluations,

· A chosen solution, along with its implementation plan.

· at least fifteen relevant sources to be used in the References section, from which fifteen or more citations are used throughout out the paper. These must be from primary-source documents or reports, peer-reviewed journals or equivalent materials with substantive academic value, cited in the text and identified as references (e.g., Journal of Monetary Economics; American Economic Review; Journal of Political Economy; publication of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board; official publications of publicly held financial institutions, etc.). Do not use sources like these: HowStuffWorks.com, Procon.org. thebalance.com. These sources do not review their material, authors, quotations and more. The material is not only not authoritative but is usually biased and sometimes is incorrect.

The research paper must adhere to APA style requirements in all respects. Students will find several sample APA papers in the course assignment and rubrics sections and in Announcements. A complete research paper must be submitted in week 4 for draft review. The final paper must be submitted by the last day of class at the end of Week 7.

Suitable paper topics may include but are not limited to: effective regulatory control of financial crises; the impact of banking consolidation on domestic financial markets; risk management issues; the right balance, if any, between competition and regulation in financial markets; market and institutional changes to accommodate globalization; and fairness of financial systems and markets. The key point is to identify a problem or issue and offer a solution.

Below are several examples of proper APA formatting plus the master source for APA. Note the running head formatting in the various linked documents. See that the running head on page 1 is different from the running head on subsequent pages. Note the format of in-text citations in any of these documents. Note the publisher and the italics. Most of your references in the References section of your research paper will look exactly like this one:


Research Paper Grading Rubric

Labeling Outline, Title the sections of your paper with these labels. Do not include the trailing section numbers.

Primary issue Quantitative financial analysis of primary issue (1) Key Points Key point #1 with financial analysis (2) Key point #2 with financial analysis (2) Key point #3 with financial analysis (2) Solution Options Potential Solution #1 (3) Potential Solution #2 (3) Potential Solution #3 (3) Evaluation and Analysis Evaluation and Analysis of Potential Solution #1 (4) Evaluation and Analysis of Potential Solution #2 (4) Evaluation and Analysis of Potential Solution #3 (4) Quantitative Comparison Analysis Financially analyze the potential solutions against each other (5) Selection of chosen solution with descriptions on why it is quantitatively and qualitatively chosen, and its proposed implementation plan) (6)

The research paper is eight pages, not including a cover page and references.

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points
(1) Primary Issue Primary issue is clearly defined. Must be topical or historically significant and directly relevant to the financial system 1 page 10
(2) Key Points Identifies three key points about the primary issue from different stakeholder views and embeds financial analysis in the narrative 2-3 pages 20
(3) Solution Options Generates at least three solution options to the primary issue. Includes a description of the cost/benefits/implications/dependencies/timeline/etc. of each. 2-3 pages 15
(4) Evaluation and Analysis Financially analyzes and evaluates the three Potential Solution in isolation with appropriate decision criteria 1-2 pages 15
(5) Quantitative Comparison Effective utilization of relevant quantitative model (Financially compare the options to each other.) 1 page 10
(6) Selection of chosen solution option Selects one solution option as the chosen solution and develops action/implementation plan 1-2 pages 20
(7) Writing Flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar; APA formatting, Business-style writing 10
Total (8-10-page) 100

Defining the problem in a non-solvable way is the #1 issue students have with the research paper in this class.

Not following this Labeling Outline and the Grading Rubric is the #2 issue students have with the research paper in this class.

Although Writing is 10% of the paper, it is the #3 issue that students have with the research paper in this class because not writing correctly and clearly and not properly using APA references affect other parts of the paper/rubric.