5-1-1 Short Answer: The Influence of Social Media and the Internet

5-1-1 Short Answer: The Influence of Social Media and the Internet
Finally, respond to the following using information from this learning block in combination with your own experience. Describe, in two to three sentences each, how you think using social media and the internet has influenced each of the following topics.

1. You as an individual

2. The study of social science

3. Larger society

Assignment 2

6-2-1 Short Answer: Chain of Inquiry
Reflect on the concepts presented in the video and overview and the example of a growing body of research as captured in the article A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences. Also, consider the question you posed about your advertisements in your observation journal in the last theme. Then, in a short answer response, address the following questions:

1. How does social science inquiry advance and evolve over time?

2. Why is it important that our understanding of social science concepts continue to develop and expand?

3. Then, consider the question you posed in the observation journal, which you submitted in Theme 2. How could others build upon this question through additional research or follow-up questions?

Assignment 3

6-3-1 Reflection

For this assignment, reflect on what you consider to be some of the most significant developments covered in this theme (for example, discoveries, changes in thinking, or research advances), and address the following:

· Identify the developments and how they impact individuals or larger groups/cultures.

· Describe how the developments changed society’s understanding. How is the development applicable outside of the social sciences? This assignment can be completed through a “micro-presentation” format (1 to 2 slides) or a short-answer response (1 to 2 paragraphs).