6410 Application 3: Becoming a Leader in the Translation of Evidence to Practice

Note: Have an APA Level 1 header for each area noted below in blue (a level 1 header is centered, bolded, using upper and lower case letters—see APA manual area 3.03) Follow APA format and include a minimum of 5 scholarly references less than 5 years old.

Include a BRIEF Introduction and Summary in addition to the headers below. DO NOT EXCEED THREE PAGES AND MUST CITE OFTEN THROUGHOUT THE PAPER.

Grading Area Points Possible Points Earned
Potential areas for earning points:
Header: Efforts to Increase Finance and Economic Knowledge

How you would continue to increase your knowledge and awareness of financial, economic, and other concerns related to new practice approaches

Header: Use of Evidence to Improve Practice

How translating evidence would enable you to affect or strengthen health care delivery and nursing practice

Header: Advocating for EBP Policy Change

How you would advocate for the use of new evidence-based practice approaches through the policy arena

Potential areas for losing points:
Grammar, Spelling, and APA errors Up to 2 pt. deduction
Went Over Page Limit (2-3 pages max) Up to 2 pt. deduction
Improper credit & citation issue

(See Turnitin Report)

1-6 pt. deduction
Late Submission 20% deduction (1.2 pts) per day late (per syllabus)
6 Total Points Possible Total Points Earned

P.S. Under the first header on “Effort to Increase Finance and Economic Knowledge, please refer to the attached week 6 discussion you did for me, except you did not include specific numbers and statistics. Below is the critique made by the professor on that area. Please read through the critique and try to incorporate it in this portion of this paper.

Dear student: Thank you for your contribution to this week’s discussion.  You brought forward potential costs associated with increased mobilization of ICU patients….namely the need for more nurse time.  Do you have some hard numbers you can provide on the potential cost of this? Do you have any local or national information on the cost of not mobilizing the patients (longer stays, increased infection, readmission)? Calculating approximate cost associated with the practice change versus the cost of not changing is important. This will help stakeholders see the value in the investment.