8- Discussion Questions – Motivation and Satisfaction

Each response must have a minimum of 150 words MUST have references for each response!

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1. This chapter details how different individuals are motivated and satisfied on the job differently. Given all of these variables, how can, in your opinion, a company motivate and satisfy a diverse population of employees. Those coming from different generations, cultures and backgrounds?

2. What is the relevance of the outer game and the inner game on your leadership behavior?

3. What points of leverage and strategies are given for increasing motivation and employee satisfaction?

4. What variables affect motivation and satisfaction? Why?

5. Had you heard of leadership levels and do you think this can explain some of the leaders you have worked with or for? Is it now apparent which level they were?

6. What impact do the different levels of leadership have on employee attitudes, emotions, and behavior?

7. Which level is closest to your present leadership style?

8. Which level is closest to your desired leadership style?