E2: Academic Research Paper

In this research paper, you will make an academic argument by researching and analyzing a topic you want to explore in depth.

Distinguishing features:

· Purpose:

· Problem-solution (cause, effect, action)

· Convince and persuade audience to take action

· Make an argument about future

· Length

· 8-10 pages

· Format

· APA (abstract/ subtitles or headings for different sections in the paper and references

· Sources

· At least 7 sources from the library databases

· 4 scholarly journal articles/ books

· Academic search complete


· 3 credible article from other library databases

· Opposing viewpoints

· Issues and controversies

· CQ researcher

· Additional sources should be from credible sources only; no magazine, newspaper, media sources

· Topic:

· A significant topic you are curious about and want to explore in depth by applying one of the above purposes

· Also, review the “suggested topics” on page 2

· Structure

· Introduction

· Background information and context

· Significance of the topic

· Relevancy to the current national and/ or global issues and events

· Briefly define problem, causes, consequences

· Narrative

· Quotations

· Historical account

· Compare and contrast

· Thesis statement

· An argumentative statement: topic + argumentative claim and reasons

· Persuasive and convincing

· Problem-solution

· Argument about future

· Body paragraphs

· Developed body paragraphs focused on one central point you intend to argue and prove

· Argumentative topic sentence

· Context

· 2 pieces of evidence: summarized and/ or paraphrase; few direct quotations

· Analysis, significance, relevancy of evidence (refer to index of template if needed)

· Concluding sentence/ transition

· Conclusion

· Speculate about future

· Call your readers to action

· Reinforce any national/ global significance and relevancy

· Due dates:

· Annotated Bibliography due in drop box Tuesday, 10/23

· Thesis and outline Thursday 10/25

· Rough draft due in class Thursday 11/01

· Final draft due in drop box Tuesday, 11/06

· PowerPoint Presentations: Group I: Tuesday, 11/06

Group II: Thursday 11/08

Group III: Tuesday, 11/13

English 1302: Suggested Research topics

1. Women empowerment

2. Inspiring students with STEM education

3. Gun violence

4. Alternative energy

5. Mental disorder

6. PTST, ADHD, autism

7. 2nd hand smoking

8. Bullying/ cyber bullying

9. E-cigarette

10. Stem cell research

11. Head trauma in football/ soccer

12. Rehabilitation methods in sports (musclos keletal injury)

13. Pet therapy

14. Chemical in food products/ cleaning products

15. Art therapy

16. GMOs

17. Shortage of raw materials

18. Genetic abnormalities passed from one generation to another

19. Stem cell treatment

20. Capture and use carbon dioxide

21. Chemicals that trigger allergies

22. Genetic modification

23. Best chemical process of microbrewery of beer

24. Developing environmentally friendly plastics

25. Biocomputing and big data

26. Biomacromolecules

27. Nanotechnology and medical application

28. Diabetics control and blood sugar

29. Nano technology and cancer patients

30. Gene therapy

31. Flu vaccine and its effectiveness

32. Vaccination

33. Memory loss/ dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease and treatment

34. Artificial intelligence

35. Drones

36. Cyber attack

37. Sugar regulation in food industry

38. Connection between diet and life span

39. Antibiotic resistance

40. Which diet? Low fat? Low sugar? Low carbs?

41. Space exploration

42. Space junk

43. Endangered animals

44. Alternative economic system

45. Green buildings/ energy/ products

46. Offshore drilling

47. Hydraulic fracking

48. Robotics

49. Teacher retention

50. Substance abuse among teens/ youth

51. Challenges faced by minorities/ firs-generation college students/ ESOL students

52. Sexual harassment

53. Domestic violence

54. Violence against women

55. Juvenile justice

56. Prison reform/ alternative imprisonment

57. Anorexia

58. Outsourcing

59. Artificial sweetener

60. Performance enhancing steroids and human growth hormones (HGH)

61. Big box stores

62. Body image

63. Clean air act

64. Cloning

65. Education ranking/ quality in U.S.

66. DDT

67. Deepwater oil drilling

68. Energy efficiency

69. Environmental regulation

70. Freedom of speech

71. Fracking

72. Freedom of press

73. HPV vaccine

74. Pharmaceuticals

75. Racial profiling

76. Welfare

77. Corporate corruption

78. Factory farming

79. Digital currency

80. Food waste

81. Agricultural subsidies

82. Hazing

83. Reproductive technology

84. Renewable energy

85. Biofuels

86. Charter schools

87. Sexting

88. Child welfare

89. STEM education

90. Local food movement

91. Millennial generation

92. Deforestation

93. Cyber predators

94. Monopolies

95. Dietary supplements

96. Domestic surveillance

97. Domestic violence

98. Drug abuse

99. Nanotechnology

100. Veterans

Research paper rubric

APA format
Cover page
Font and font size
Indented and double space paragraphs
APA header and page number
Global Concerns
Effective/ absorbing title
Introduction (background information on the problem)
Thesis: indicating the purpose of the paper
Developed, focused and argumentative paragraphs
Argumentative topic sentences
Evidence (2) (few direct quotations and mostly summarized/ paraphrased evidence in APA)
Explanation/ analysis of evidence
Concluding sentence
Argumentative and in-depth logical reasoning, explanations, analysis
Elaborating on and supporting thesis in every body paragraph with evidence, argumentative and logical supporting details, and analysis of details and evidence
Local concerns
word choice (no “wordy” phrases)
spelling, punctuation, and mechanics
No “you” and infrequent use of “I” and “be verbs”
Academic tone and conventions
APA in-text citation
Writing Center rough draft review