Active Directory

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Discussion Question 1:

Your manager has asked you, one of his most technical employees, to decide which of the 10 new 2016 servers will have a FSMO role, and to explain the function of these 5 roles to him. He has asked that there be a single forest with a parent domain of and one subdomain of Based on that setup, where would you place the ten domain controllers on the network, and which ones would have FSMO roles? Keep in mind that there are multiple correct answers to this question.

2, Your new manager is just out of college and she would like the staff to utilize PowerShell more. She has designated that you will cover some of the basic Powershell commands and that you will also explain to the group how users can be added through Powershell. Use your own name when you explain how to create an account using powershell. Add yourself to the managers group, as well as the full time Employees Organizational Unit. Finally, compare and contrast using the Windows command line and Powershell so your fellow staff members can know what they can expect ahead in the coming months.

3, Your company recently experienced an AD failure right before you came onboard that they were unable to recover from. The new CEO, Chantell Martin, is aware that the disaster caused the preceding CEO to lose his job, and wants you to come up with a viable plan using built in Windows tools to schedule daily backups of the Active Directory database. Some of the questions she needs you to consider as you write the backup policy are:

What Windows tools should be utilized?

What files and directories should be backed up?

What should be the procedure for restoring the backups?

Feel free to elaborate on the policy or the technical details.

The CEO is counting on you to have a good plan for backing up AD.