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From the Interactive Holland Hexagon codes, two personality traits that most accurately describe me are realistic and conventional. I am a realistic because I am a practical person who loves to work with machines and tools. I have great mechanical ability and I keep developing it because of my curiosity for the physical world. I’m also a highly reserved person who spends time alone either exploring nature or working with mechanical objects. I prefer doing my activities in a systematic way. The conventional code also matched my personality trait because I love working with data and my numerical ability is excellent. I enjoy computing, analyzing and manipulating data using various methods. Besides my numerical ability, I’m a conforming person who can accurately and in an orderly manner follow through on instructions I have been given. I have severally performed numerical and clerical tasks in a systematic manner and to detail.

Areas that least describe me are artistic, social and enterprising codes. I have quite poor artistic skills. I tendto perform poorly in anartistic environment where there are no rules to conform to. I’m not talented in the world of art like singing and dancing. Usually am not an inventive or innovative person and my ideas may lack originality. My intuitional abilities must be backed by deep reasoning and analytics of the situation.

I am not the social type. I love quiet environments therefore I can sit alone in the office all day and achieve optimality. Though I’m a friendly person, I’m reserved and a bit shy and not really skilled with words. I prefer structured physical activities and tasks rather than being in charge of an environment requiring use of feelings, words and ideas. The enterprising code is also not my area of interest. I am not skilled at influencing and persuading people. This could be because am not a sociable or talkative person and therefore not energetic with crowds. I lack spontaneous and impulsive traits and most of my actions are always aforethought and structured.