answering questions of two articles

Hi, I have two articles and 11 questions on those two articles, the first ten are going to be multiple choice, but I don’t have the answers of them. The last one has to be Short answer.

Question 1) Astrology, philosophy, and calculus are:

Question 2) Very careful examination of Barash’s claims indicates his view:

Question 3) When we read ideas in the article, by Plato, we should be able to discover:

Question 4) The claim, ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS, is a very strong example of:

Question 5) It is very easy to detect paradigms shift in social science but hard in natural science:

Question 6) Allegory , hyperbole, and paradox are the only figures of speech which can be used to convey bondage, authoritarianism, ignorance, hate, love, and darkness:

Question 7) All statements made in science are FALSE only on one occasion

Question 8) Ideas in Science change, because:

Question 9) The scientists who possess very valid, useful, profound and specific knowledge about the present high stock market value for shares from the Apple Corporation:

Question 10) If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders by giant.

· If we link the statement above to what some people call climate change, we can state:

Short answer. Your reply should consist of no more that two paragraphs made up of at least five clearly written sentences that are linked meaningfully, (do not number the sentences or use bullets beside them)

1-Show, as clearly as you can, why it is reasonable to claim that biology and economics are sciences.