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In the first course, D8801–A, the discussion questions helped you to concentrate upon the successes and challenges that you shared and worked to overcome. This process is a part of completing a formative assessment option that helped to keep you focused and moving forward.

Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick (2007) suggested seven principles of formative assessment feedback in higher education. They include: a) clarifying what good performance is considered, b) facilitating the development of learning reflection, c) helping the student receive quality assurance of what they are learning, d) encouraging discussion between the research chair and the student, e) building positive motivation seeing success, f) measuring the gap between action and final completion, and g) helping the research chair direct further learning.

· As you prepare to embark on the second half of your Literature/Information Sources Review writing, look at these seven principles and select one or two that you believe are most important to you at this part of your writing, then provide an example of what you mean and post to the Discussion Area.

Reference: Nicol, D. J., & Macfarlane‐Dick, D. (2006). Formative assessment and self‐regulated learning: A model and seven principles of good feedback practice. Studies in Higher Education31(2), 199–218. doi: 10.1080/03075070600572090

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