Argument Paper Revised Rough Draft Grading Criteria

This assignment is due in Week 4.


20 Percent

Points Earned


The paper begins with an introduction paragraph to provide context for the topic. The introduction includes a thesis statement that presents the main ideas included in the body paragraphs.

Each body paragraph integrates research to provide support for the main idea, and transitions to the next idea.

The paper ends with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main ideas of the paper.

The paper represents original work and correctly incorporates quotations and paraphrases from outside sources to inform the writing.

Comments: A lot of the content issues I have mentioned have been well resolved. Good work. You DO need to quote and cite more.
Organization and Development

20 Percent

Points Earned


The paper is 700 to 1,050 words in length.

The tone aligns with the assignment’s purpose, to include being written in third person, and is geared toward the appropriate audience.

The writing style is academic in nature.

The paper is clear, is organized in a logical manner, addresses the main points, and demonstrates transition from one idea to the next.

The references used for support are scholarly and relevant to the topic.

Comments: Good tone and flow. Again, a little more quoting and citing would be good.
Mechanics and Format

60 Percent

Points Earned


The proper template is used for the assignment.

Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.

In-text citations have been added to paraphrases and direct quotes.

In-text citations include the correct elements, and are properly formatted according to APA guidelines.

The title page, reference page, spacing, and font are consistent with the APA guidelines required for this assignment.

References include the correct elements and are properly formatted according to APA guidelines.

Comments: There is no title paper and there are a number of little errors—word choice, etc.—which you will catch in the proofread process.
Additional Comments: Total Earned