Article Selection

By Thursday, submit a draft of the conclusions section of Final Project Part I: Article Review.  Specifically, address this critical element:

I. Conclusions. What does your evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the articles you selected suggest for future research in this field? Be sure to provide specific suggestions for potential next steps, based on evidence from your analysis, and explain how these suggestions would help improve decision making


2-2 Journal: Article Selection

FEED BACK you provided a thoughtful response to these articles, considering your personal connection to them. You appropriately utilized the template. Well done!

This journal is an opportunity to discuss the merits of the articles you selected from the list provided. Your journal response needs to relate to the content in the course and to your personal and professional experiences, and specifically answer the following:

· What topic or health question did you research and why is it relevant to public health, nursing, or the health science professions? Give real-world examples to support your answer.

· How can biostatistics help inform decision making around your topic? Support your answer with specific examples.

· Explain why you picked these specific articles to examine over others in the Articles List. Justify your answer.

· Assess each article’s importance to health decision making in your field. Give real-world examples to illustrate your answer.

5-1 Journal: Article Findings
FEEDBACK: this submission answered all of the questions, but some answers missed the mark. If you would like to resubmit (which is not required), please read the specific feedback for each rubric element first.


In your journal, be sure to address the following critical elements for both articles:

I. This section should highlight the major findings of each of the articles you selected for your supervisor and peers. Specifically, address the following:

A. What are the findings of each article and what implications do they have individually and collectively for solving the health problem in question? Support your answer with specific examples from your field.

B. Explain how key biostatistical calculations and methods support the conclusions in each article. Cite relevant information from the articles that support your answer.

6-1 Journal: Article Methods

In this journal, examine the methods section of each article. Completing a table will help you see similarities and differences.  Be sure to address these specific critical elements:

I. Use this section to compare and contrast the methods used in the articles you selected with an eye to assessing the quality and limitations of the findings and informing future research. Specifically, you should:

A. Explain why the authors of each article selected the methods they did. How appropriate were the methods to the overall purpose of the paper? Justify your response.

B. Analyze a difference and similarity in the methods chosen with respect to the health question being addressed in the selected articles. Explain your answer using evidence from the articles selected and information you have learned in the course.

C. Assess a strength and limitation of the different approaches used in the articles you selected. Explain your answer using evidence from the articles you selected and information you have learned in the course.