Orawan Sukumarin

BUS520 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Dr. Wanda Tillman

Jul 28, 2018

McKesson Corporation, a company in the healthcare and information technology sector, is currently ranked position 14 in the Fortune 500. It is dedicated to improving the healthcare business. In fulfilling this, the company partners with hospitals, payers, pharmacies, physician offices, pharmaceutical companies and other institutions in across the field of health care. These relationships lead to healthier organizations and highly contribute to the provision of good care to patients in all settings. McKesson aids its customers to better their operational, financial and clinical performance by applying solutions which range from medical-surgical and pharmaceutical supply management, clinical and business services and healthcare information technology. The company believes that good and improved care is as a result of healthy organizations. McKesson Corporation offers a range of services which include technology, products, and resources for organizations for them to operate effectively at minimal costs and maintain the quality of health services (McKesson, 2018). Again, the company is highly focused on its values which are a strong foundation to its good leadership.

A Mission statement for any organization is highly important because it propels it to the next level. The goals and objectives of the organization cannot be achieved without the Mission statement. McKesson’s Mission statement articulates that, “Together with our customers and partners, we are creating a sustainable future for health care. Together we are charting a course to better health (McKesson, 2018). “The mission statement is in line with the vision statement which seeks “to bring together clinical knowledge, process expertise, technology and the resources of a fortune 15 company to fundamentally change the cost and quality of available health care services” (McKesson, 2018). With these two statements, the corporation has been able to advance and meet the needs of the customers and the market at large. Also, it has an excellent reputation compared to its competitors. The culture of the organization has significantly contributed to its current position. For example, the culture of observing the core values of the company has led to the shaping of honest, trustworthy and focused leaders and employees who can come up with good strategies for the good of the company. Across the world’s healthcare sector, McKesson is well known for the contributions it has made on the industry.

Despite the achievements made by the Company, there are challenges which it has faced and has limited its progress in one way or another. Slow revenue growth from the year 2017 to 2018 is among the issues in need of solutions. Compared to other years, revenues made in that financial year were very minimal. In solving this solution, McKesson will have to increase the sale of medical supplies (McKesson, 2018). Opening new branches in new markets will also attract new customers hence raising the annual revenues.

Being at the top as an organization can limit the level of innovation as a company. McKesson is at that point where it needs to remain innovative for it to remain in business. It is a challenge for a company. Therefore, there is a need to resolve it. Investing in new technologies and updating the existing ones is among the best solutions to this issue. Besides technology, the human aspect of the company is critical. Strategies and policies can only be spearheaded by the humans. Therefore, McKesson will invest in training its employees and also make attempts to employ new employees to help in strategy formulation. Because of the dynamic technology, companies are investing in the human factor to merge their skills with technology to solve the existing problem (McKesson, 2018). Therefore, McKesson should invest in both new technologies and human factor to remain competitive in the healthcare sector.


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