Assignment 3: Assessment Project − Part 3

Due Week 9 and worth 200 points

Your white paper is almost complete, and the superintendent reviewed and provided feedback on both of your submissions. For the final section of your white paper, you will focus on identifying the technology implications. Finally, you will make your recommendations to the locally elected board of the school district for its members’ consideration.

Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

1. Revise Assignment 2 using the feedback that the superintendent provided. (The revision of the previous assignment is not included in the page count for this assignment).

2. Ascertain three (3) new advances in computer and Web technologies which would benefit K-12 assessment that are related to your topic. Highlight one (1) of these new innovations that might be practical for the district to implement in the near future. Provide a rationale for your response.

3. Propose the strategic manner in you would conduct a training needs analysis for teachers related to your topic.

4. Provide at least two (2) additional reliable, relevant, peer-reviewed references not previously used and published within the last five (5) years.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

• Assess various measures for assessing learners’ progress, including formal, test-based measures, and informal and observational measures.

• Evaluate strategies for a variety of assessment instruments and the theories behind them.

• Utilize a methodology for linking assessment practices to learning objectives.

• Use technology and information resources to research issues in educational assessment.

• Write clearly and concisely about educational assessment using proper grammar and mechanics.

Assignment 2 Document




Assignment 2

Phyllis Walker

Strayer University


Dr. Diane McGeehan

August 12, 2018






​ To evaluate effectively on the concerns of the educational assessment that may entail various schools and learning institutions across the world, it is important to have a deeper critical thinking and evaluation assessment that expected. This will essentially enable the student who is greatly focused on the learning outcomes that they may positively be enduring. By having a critical thinking in the higher education basis, a true picture is automatically obtained of what the educational background is actually consisted of. (Peter, 2007) This will henceforth facilitate in building an elevated measurement framework for core learning outcomes. Here, the learning research and evaluation ought to have captured the reliable and useful assessment data. This will greatly enable in dealing with the prospective concerns of the district under study. For instance, in evaluating the Escambia county school district in Florida, one ought to have analyzed the school in its detailed performance before analyzing its overall educational background. (Peter, 2007)

​ From the above assessment, it is therefore prevalent that one ought to consider the K-12 student assessment programs that will help in boosting and sharpening the literate focus at various school levels. (Richard, 2003) This will significantly include various grade levels within the said school district and how its generic performances are literally and practically entailed. In search a relation, the educational assessment will therefore be able to predict and reflect the evidence centered designs that will essentially help them in advance. For instance, such evidence-centered programs will aid in delivering of assessments of the discussed schools. This will consequently show the impact of the schools performances on the entire society within the vicinity. It will help reflect how students of the respective schools are working towards excellence in their perfection of academic affairs. Such a concern will besides attribute the learning execution of the respective teachers in the schools and analyze their teaching criteria towards the prowess of the respective schools. (Richard, 2003)


​ The school under the educational research is basically the Escambia County School District which is located in the Florida. Despite it being a public school district, it has 40 655 students in the grades of P, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. From the current reviewed state test scores, 46% of the students in this school that is located in Pensacola are the last proficient in math. (Marion, 2012) As well, in this respective state test score, it is prevalent of the evaluation of the school performances that 45% of the total students within the Escambia School District are generally least proficient in reading. The school is one of the perforating and leading schools within the entire region of the Florida. The findings consisted of various dutiful activities that entail the progress of the respective school. Such dutiful activities include the academic excellence execution, diversity of the schools within the region. As well, there are other dutiful activities that are within the school vicinity such as teachers, college prep, club and activities as well as health and safety that govern the going and learning activities of the school. (Marion, 2012)

​ Generally, there are factors that may highly contribute to downfall or prowess of schools such as Escambia School District. Such issues may me divergent issues such as political, legal and current issues. The current key issues in the educational assessment that have been recently noted include the security and discipline. (Marion, 2012) These two aspects can besides be regarded as the legal concerns within the school assessment such as that of Escambia County District schools. Expression of violence in schools have been prevalently noted in many schools. This is due to basically different cultures within the schools that have conformed to various aguish able violence in the schools. Lack of security have also been an emerging concern within the educational assessment as most of the schools have been identified as the weak spots for terrorism. (Marion, 2012)

​ In addition, there have been rising political concerns within the schools, which is basically the need for power within the schools. Such engraftment has resulted to unending troubles and problems within the premises and running of the school. Politics within the Escambia Schools District has been of prevalent existence as every committee member within this learning institution crave for power in the administration and management of the school. (Maryanne, 2013) Such a craving has deteriorated most of the school prowess within the management and the academic performances of the schools. For instance, hunger for power within the Escambia School District has resulted evidently to fall of grades within the schools. This is essentially due to the fact that school politics indirectly affects the overall learning in the school due to poor administration of the school. This results the teachers to poorly execute their teaching duties hence leading an undesirable performance in the school. This critically evident in the Escambia School District. (Maryanne, 2013)

​ In addition, one of the current issues that is tragically facing the Escambia school as well as other schools within the world is massively the existence of race, ethnicity and equality. There has been rampant racism within the Escambia School District which has greatly resulted to bullying of the minor students from different racial origin. (Maryanne, 2013) This has as well contributed with an extensive impact to the inequality within the schools. There has been reported cases of missing grades as well as poor grading of the teachers even if the student is correct due to their diverse ethnical backgrounds. Such issues have as well resulted to unconfirmed conflicts within the school. This subsequently deteriorate the performance of the overall school. Such an incidence has been reported to be a common scene even in other schools. This may definitely affect the K-12 objectives of the school. This is because of their unyielding efforts to achieve these goals and objectives. (Maryanne, 2013)

Student Needs

​ From the educational assessment of the Escambia School District, it was evident that there could be various performance associative needs that could be wanted by the students. From this cubical analysis, such needs could be the dragging factors to the prowess performances of the students within the Escambia School District. (Daniel, 2015) From the critical view of the challenges that could impishly face the Escambia school, the following needs could be recommended to the evaluation and, meeting with the goals of the schools. One of the desired needs could facilitating the facility that could comfortably accommodate students with special needs in the Escambia School District. Such facilities could include moderating the building structure of the school that could enhance a go through of the students with the special needs. In addition, there should be facilitation of the extra supplies and materials that are essentially the basic needs of the students in the Escambia School District. Such materials could include studying and reading material as well as enough stationary that could ensure smooth learning of the students within the Escambia schools. (Daniel, 2015)

​ In addition, there could be need of extra teachers within the Escambia School District that cold facilitate and boost the teaching within the entire school. In addition to the supplementation of the teachers, the teachers available could require a procedural teaching that is step-by-step. (Daniel, 2015) This would essentially ensure that there is a n absolute comprehension of what the teachers teach in the school. To add on the above, there should also be an introduction of the counselors within the school that would help solve the problems of the students within the school. Notably, many students carry along with the problems from their homes to the schools hence deterring negatively with their reading progression. The administration and management of the school should besides encourage an open talk that could help mitigate the problems facing various students within the Escambia school.

District Assessment

​ From the assessment of the educational analysis of the Escambia School District in Florida, it is prevalent that the K-12 assessment could besides leading to the improvements in the respective school hence achieving an adorable academic and cultural performance. The K-12 assessment could also be implied in the education learning of the twelve grades within the Escambia learning curriculum. (Gabriel, 2013) It would facilitate and introduction of a new systemic educational strategy. This educational strategy would entail the educational technology that could highly and increasingly benefit the learning students within the Escambia school. Such an introductory scheme should as well eb initiated to other schools facing some similar problematic issues to Escambia school.

​ The providence of the modern technology that is appreciatively adorned with the K-12 learning techniques should be entailed with the technical requirements as well as the technological convergence that will ensure that the Escambia school maximally benefit from it. K-12 educational curriculum can be literally said to have the dominance over the convectional educational systems as it outs weight on thinking and reaching own self-explanation of the students. (Gabriel, 2013) This therefore will help positively improve the learning strategy of the Escambia School District as the students will have a critical self-explanation and evaluation of what they have grabbed from the classroom lessons. Notably, the students may not be in a position to grab all the content taught in the classes due to intense population of the students hence congested classes. Therefore, the students may be able to evaluate the respective subject matters through the acquaintances of the K-12 educational curriculum. (Gabriel, 2013)



Daniel (2015).  Learning Conditions within Populated Schools, Escambia School, pp. 123-125.

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Feedback to Learner7/29/18 11:57 PM (please make these corrections)

nice work overall; good details in each section; thanks for using the template and including section headings; nice use of citations at the ends of paragraphs; good flow of ideas; some issues with formatting for entire paper (need to indent beginnings of all paragraphs; paper should be a word document to make reading easier; put section headings in the middle of the paper and bold them; missing some details on sources in reference page (see APA). 

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 – Corrections to be made for the document below:

Feedback to Learner

nice work overall; good revisions in assignment one; thoughtful use of sources and good details about your district and its assessment issues; used section headings effectively; missing page numbers in running header;  keep adding citations at end of each paragraph only, do not put the same source cited twice in a paragraph unless you are quoting; (see page 4 and elsewhere; use the textbook as your “source authority;” put in page numbers with direct quotes; indent the paragraph and  list all three reasons (in assignment two) at once and then explain them; last section on technology a little brief (link the ideas here to improving assessment scores); thanks for submitting; add new sections for assignment three


According to the first assignment, the assessment on the least scores in schools, this will greatly enable who give their performance have great outcomes in relation to the k-12. We majored on the issues affecting the students, and that led to a total of 40655 students having the poorest grade and a ratio of 15 to of teachers to students. Some of the issues included the less number of teachers in schools. This is a great issue since the students don’t have enough time to spend with their teachers and also the teachers have a tough time realizing the weaknesses of their students and the best measures to take in order to help their students improve. Another issue is on indiscipline cases which were resulted due to different cultures in Florida thus cases of bullying and drug use was evident. Another issue was on insecurity which made the student not being comfortable in their school activities. Political concerns were also an issue, this was evident since there were troubles in running the school, since politics had affected the school administrations.

Students’ needs were also majored on. Students with special needs were not comfortable when during their learning. There were also less facilities in school, this are the studying and the reading facilities. The students also needed extra teachers and also guidance and counseling teachers. From the district assessment they accepted to help achieve best academic performance. They opted to introduce a new education system which was the k-12 assessment. They would also provide the modern technology techniques to help improve outcomes.

3 Reasons for Topic Selection

Topic of research being on the low scores on tests in Escambia County School District in Florida, has several importance in meeting the K-12 goals. The k-12 education system has three main assessment goals that is the summative accountability, interim and the formative assessments most relevant reasons is identifying the causes of there being a very low performance and finding the most preferable terms of the summative accountability assessment, its main aim is on the overall performance of the students, teachers and also the administrators. This then will help on diagnosing students on whether they qualify for the next education levels and if it is contrary they will dig deeper for the reasons. some of the students’ needs that I came across was the issue about less teachers in the school (Boud & Falchikov, 2017). Despite it being a district school and everybody laying a finger on them the issue on teachers should be addressed. Hence this assessment will greatly help since the issue on teaches has been solved. Hence the students are having a conducive environments and adequate teachers. I strongly believe this will lead to a massive improvement on the end of the year when the summation assessment will be done.

They have also adapted the life skills and guidance and counselling lessons. This is to reduce the school. This reduce the indiscipline within the school such as bullying as that was a problem with the majority. This will have raised their self-esteem and also help inform all the students we are equal despite their cultural differences. Thus by doing this the affected students will gain the courage to express their educational strengths and weaknesses helping the teacher identify their needs and how to help them improve. another indiscipline was on drug abuse, since most students are already engaged to some drugs, hence this counselling sessions will help them realize the effects of drugs on their school performance and health too .by this the interim assessment goal will be met, since it helps the teacher understand what the student is best at.

On the matter of insecurity, the school has employed more than 50 solders within and outside the school compound to work in a twenty-four hours basis. This will make the students feel safer as they do their personal studies either during the day or at night. This was an issue that affected the ladies in a great percentage. The students will feel safer as they walk to school early in the morning and as they leaving in the evening. This will then improve their performance since their minds are sober and comfortable.

Traditional assessment refers to questions with limited number of choices, such as true or false multiple choices or the short answers. Administrators and admissions professionals are able to analyze and to compare different students’ scores is one of the fundamental aspects of the topic of research. By doing this they will be able to know on which topic to refer back to in class and also know the percentage of the students that did understand a certain topic, hence minimizing the lower scores. The other aspect is that this standard testing that majors mainly on responses that are quantifiable and thus it makes it easy for the students to score (Broadfoot, 2016). This direct short answers makes it easy for the students to get the right answers and easy to get good scores. Another aspect is that it enables the test makers categorize the areas which the students are best in and the parts they have tough times on. Since the traditional assessment has an easy way of answering questions hence they are marked in a faster way and the test makers can now tell on where to test next to confirm whether the students are now good in a certain topic.

Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom and also in the education system is a pathway for improving education goals such as improving academic achievements. Technology prepares students for future careers. Hence the educators can employ some various strategies to help technology become effective in the classroom. Some of the strategies are restricting the traditional structures of the class rooms to the modern form. This is such as inserting sockets and also making furniture that are comfortable for the students to use the computers. The classes should also be installed with fire extinguishers in case of fire accidents in class. This will enable the students use the computers efficiently without the fear of fire outbreaks (Turnbull, 2015). Another strategy that can be followed is on planning on the bandwidth and the wireless connectivity to power. This is very important to reduce accidents in classes. Use of cables is the most preferable use of technology in schools to ease the students learning in a safe technology. The other strategy that can be applied is equipping the educators with new digital software on the computers. This will help to give students the appropriate instructions on the usage of the computers and also give them directions on how to get to the right educational websites. This would also inform students of the penalties of misusing the technology in school. Therefore, using this strategy will enable the students have an access to eLearning which could also improve their scores.


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