Assignment 4: Impressions of Museum or Gallery Exhibit $20

The Brooks Museum Memphis TN.

· Submit your cultural event choice to the instructor for approval before the end of Week 5.

· Visit a museum or gallery exhibition of modern art before the end of Week 9.

· Write a report of the visit.

· Summarize the report in a PowerPoint presentation.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper (750-1,000 words) in which you:

1. Identify the date visited, location, name, and background of the museum or specific exhibition. (If virtual, identify the Website along with the other information.)

2. Describe three (3) works, noting the artist, title, subject, and the time period of each work.

3. Compare the style, influences, and meaning or intent of each piece, highlighting any changes (if any) from the first to last piece.

4. Explain your reasons for selecting the pieces in a discussion of the reasons for the artist’s popularity and / or impact on the art world.

5. Summarize the main points of three (3) works discussed in your paper in a PowerPoint presentation of at least three (3) slides. Each of the slides should have three to four (3-4) short bullet points and notes about the works in the slide notes section. Include a cover page for the PowerPoint. Add the slides with notes to your paper.

6. Include four (4) references that help support your claims. (The text may be used as one (1) reference.)

Discussion Question

The New Realism and Pop Art Class, please respond to at least one of the following prompts:

· Speculate on the reasons for the emergence of the New Realism (le nouveau realisme).

· Compare and contrast the works of a representative artist of New Realism with a representative artist of Europe’s Pop Art, highlighting the media, objects, and the possible intent of the artist in the specific work.

· How does the Sydney Opera House compare with the Internationalist architectural style? Why is it often considered a modern work of art?

Themes in Neo-Expressionism and Neo-Conceptualism Please respond to the following:

· Explain Fischl’s comment about his painting, Cargo Cults (for DS “King Kong”), and how it reflects his views and themes of Neo-Expressionism: “The longer you look at [the picture] the more you realize that the point of view is not the victimizer’s but the victim’s. I think [a] painting is successful precisely because it stirs your preconceptions – and then becomes a clearer, more dimensional reality. I start off despising these people and work toward compassion.”

· Compare and contrast Neo-Conceptualism and Neo-Expressionism, highlighting a representative artist and his / her work from each movement to illustrate two similarities and two differences.