Assignment: Literature Review and Revised Research Question(s)

To help you prepare:

In the second part of your Action Research Project essay, you will include a complete literature review of your topic. The literature review should be a critical analysis of four to five peer-reviewed research articles related to the topic of the problem from relevant and reliable sources published within the last 5 years.  Remember, the topic of your research must relate directly to the content of your MSED specialization in reading.

Assignment Instruction:

Add Part B:  Literature Review  and Revised Research Question(s) to your Action Research Project essay document.

Part B:  Literature Review  and Revised Research Question(s) Write 3 pages using APA style and references.

Develop a review of the literature that responds to the following questions below:

1. In your evaluation of the literature, what relationships did you find among various research studies and existing theories and how did this relate to your own research question?

2. What did you learn about your research question during the literature review and how did the literature help you refine, reframe, or validate your research question?

3. What is your revised or validated research question(s) based on your literature review?

4. What research method will you be using based on your research question?  Include a rationale for your research method based on information from your course text.

5. What contribution to your educational setting; and, to the extent possible within the confines of your research study, the greater educational community, do you hope to make after completing your study?

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