Association of Fundraising Professionals

Read each article and answer 9 questions:

Association of Fundraising Professionals

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Donor Bill of Rights:

Donor Bill of Rights (PDF version):

Question 1: What are the 4t h and 6th rights listed?

Question 2: What right do donors have with respect to mailing lists?

Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

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Assigned readings:

The HIPPA Privacy Rule: What Fundraisers Need to Know

By Cedric A. Richner III, Founder and Principal, and Jill Schrems Penate, Client Relations Assistant, Richner & Richner:

Quick Reference Guide: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

By the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy:

When Federal Privacy Rules and Fundraising Desires Meet: An Advisory on the Use of Protected Health Information in Fundraising Communications

By the Association of American Medical Colleges:

Question 3: Give two examples of medical-related health information that do not require a patient’s written authorization before a Health Care Organizations can use them for fundraising purposes?

Blackbaud Analytics

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Privacy and the Prospect Researcher

By David F. Lamb, Prospect Research Consultant, Blackbaud Analytics

Whitepaper (PDF version):

Question 4: What legally recognized invasion of privacy is most likely to tempt prospect researchers?

Question 5: What is the definition of a public company insider and why is it in the public interest to know if insiders have bought or sold shares in a public company?

Question 6: When collecting and presenting prospect information, what three questions must a researcher be able to answer “yes” to?

Question 7: What is the purpose of a privacy policy?

Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement

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Statement of Ethics:

Question 8: What are three of the four fundamental principles of Ethical Conduct?

The General Data Protection Regulation:

Question 9. List three principles of the General Data Protection Regulation.