Biological Psychology Worksheet Grading Rubric


Instructions: Read the Week 1 reading material and respond to each question. Answers to the 5 questions need to be 50-100 words EACH (250-500 words total) and formatted according to APA style and guidelines. Students do not need to include a title or reference page for this assignment. Submit completed worksheet as an attachment.

Biological Psychology Worksheet Grading Guide Available Points Points Achieved Instructor


1. The student identified the core assumptions of the biopsychological approach? 2   .
2. The student explained the historical disciplines that converged to create biological psychology? 2  
3. The student explained some of the earliest examples of a biological approach to studying behavior?


4. The student provided some examples of modern careers that have resulted from studying biological psychology? Include an overview of the careers.


5. The student explained how biological psychology is viewed by other professionals in psychology today.




Total 10 /10  
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