Biotech Leadership Competencies Table

(completed as part of the Job Announcement group project)

Biotech has identified the following four core values:

Customer-centricity, Innovation, Knowledge, Sustainability*

*Biotech defines sustainability “both for profit and planet”.

In order to complete the job announcement, your group must identify the leadership competencies that are aligned with each of these four core values. Here are two examples of how other companies do this.

SmithKline Beecham (SKB) has identified leadership competencies aligned with its core values of Performance and People:

SKB Core Value Leadership Competencies

Performance · Establish plans

· Manage execution

· Influence others

· Drive for results

People · Foster enthusiasm and teamwork

· Reward and celebrate teamwork

· Attract and develop talent

· Build relationships

Source:  Manzi, L., & Abramson, J. (1999). SmithKline Beechum. In D. Giber, L. Carter & M. Goldsmith (Eds.), Linkage Inc.’s best practices in leadership development handbook (pp. 397-424). Lexington, MA: Linkage Press.

Starbucks has as one of their core values “Neighborhood.” They have identified the following leadership competencies as important in the local leadership of each of its stores:

· Connect with neighborhoods we serve

· Reach out by volunteering in the community

· Support local programs and causes

Source: Schultz, H. (2011). Onward: How Starbucks fought for its life without losing its soul. New York, NY: Rodale.

Note that the leadership competencies for these two companies are different in what they mean; however, they have one thing in common: all leadership competencies start with a verb. They are actionable. That means that you can observe it being done, and you can measure it. That is a key to writing leadership competencies so that they are meaningful.

For each of the four Biotech core values, identify three leadership competencies that align well. Under “Source” identify the course material from which each of these leadership competencies was found.

Biotech Core Value Leadership Competencies (follow examples above) Source (Author, Year)
Customer-centricity Building and maintaining relationships SHRM (2008)
Setting vision and strategy SHRM (2008)
Cultural interest and sensitivity Comstock, N. (2014)
Innovation Developing adaptability SHRM (2008)
Valuing diversity and difference Comstock, N. (2014)
Promoting Change Kirkpatrick, S & Locke, E. (1991)
Knowledge Managing the work SHRM (2008)
Enhancing Business Skills SHRM (2008)
Technical Expertise Kirkpatrick, S. & Locke, E. (1991)

(for profit and planet)

Developing others Emotional Intelligence, 2014
Set strategies Comstock, 2014

Managing politics and influencing others SHRM (2008)