BIT 5594 Business Model Evaluation Requirements

(25 Total Points)

This assignment is 2.5% of the total grade; therefore, it is scored from 25 points.


1. Go to

2. Review the Live Token Sales and ICOs.

3. Choose a desired company for analysis (Be sure the company provides a ‘White Paper).

4. Read or skim through the company’s white paper or visit the company’s website and answer the following questions below regarding its proposed business plan/model.

5. Descriptions of the Eight Key Elements of a Business ModelMajor B2C models, and Major B2B models are on pages 56 to 84 in the E-commerce 2017 text.

6. Provide a 2-page maximum write-up and be sure to include subject headings for each of the eight key elements as shown below.

Grading Rubric

 E-commerce model

1 point – Identify the general e-commerce model (B2C, B2B, or other). If applicable then identify the specific type as described in chapter 2.2/2.3 (etailer, e-distributor, or other).

24 points – Describe the eight key elements of the business model:

· Value proposition (3 points)

1 point – What is the product/service?

1 point – How does this product/service fulfill customer needs or desires?

1 point – Why would a customer choose to do business with this firm rather than another organization?

· Revenue model (3 points)

1 point – Identify the major revenue model – advertising, subscription, transaction fee, sales, or affiliate – the company relies upon.

2 points – Explain your choice.

· Market opportunity (3 points)

1 point – Identify the overall market. (Describe in numeric/financial terms; see pages 62 and 63.)

1 point – What niches are within this market? Where does the company fit?

1 point – What is the size of the firm’s realistic market opportunity? (Describe in numeric/financial terms.) (Describe in numeric/financial terms; see pages 62 and 63.)

· Competitive environment (3 points)

2 points – Describe a top direct competitor, including its market share, profitability, and product pricing.

1 point – Identify a top indirect competitor.

· Competitive advantage (3 points)

1 point – Identify whether the firm is achieving competitive advantage based on product quality, price, scope, or a combination of such factors.

2 points – Describe the competitive advantage using terms from the book. ● Market strategy (3 points)

3 points – Summarize the firm’s market strategy.

· Organizational development (3 points)

1 point – Describe the organizational structure.

2 points – What is the plan for growth, if any? How can the organization scale?

· Management team (3 points)

1 point – Identify the members of the top level of management.

2 points – Do they have the experience and background necessary to direct the firm towards success?

Note: Book is E-Commerce 2017 (13th Edition) 13th Edition: ISBN-13: 978-0134601564