Business Action Plan

Running Head: ACTION PLAN

Business Action Plan

Danae Carter

Grand Canyon University: HCA 470

August 12, 2018

1. Brief description of the project

No doubt there are many ways of providing healthcare services. However, what DaVita has to offer patients that are in renal failure is more than just another service, it’s a way of bringing life back to patients. The dynamics within each facility is something more than the rival company Fresenius has to offer. DaVita has four essential components for the core care of the patients. Build a community, to be the greatest healthcare community the World has ever seen, be a role model for American health care, and send forth ripples of citizen leadership out into the World. This Business model will demonstrate what is needed in order to make all of the core components that make up DaVita a reality.

2. History

The Dutch physician Dr. Willem Kolff is considered to be the father of Dialysis. In 1943, Dr. Kolff constructed the first dialyzer machine. Dr. Kolff created the machine because of his compassion towards patients that were helplessly dying a slow and painful death from kidney failure. The good doctor came up with a way for a machine that would do the work of the kidneys. In 1943, a somewhat crude invention of the machine was completed. During the next two years, Dr. Kolff treated 16 patients with acute kidney failure but has little success. Finally, success in 1945, when a 67-year-old female in uremic coma regained consciousness after 11 hours of hemodialysis with Dr. Kolff’s dialyzer. The woman lived seven more years until another ailment took her life. Over the years since Dr. Kolff has created the machine, it has only advanced with the medical technology. More patients are thriving with his invention of the machine. Living a longer healthier life because of Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Home Hemodialysis.

3. Market analysis

Competition for DaVita with regards to the market analysis in dialysis would be Fresenius. In its 2016 July issue Nephrology News and Issues published its annual survey of dialysis providers. Fresenius Medical Care and DaVita control the hemodialysis market with 84%, which translates to 366,000 patients out of a total of 433,000 patients. The two companies employ more than 135,000 employees (Eymann, 2016).

4. Goals for DaVita

· To be the leading Provider, Partner and Employer of Choice.

· Build a community

· Be the greatest healthcare community the World has ever seen

· Be a role model for the American healthcare

· Send forth ripples of citizen leadership

5. Structure

DaVita is committed to the strict observance of business ethics, integrity, and complying with all laws and regulations governing the business operations. DaVita actively seeks physicians and provider partners to join the team, expanding the nationwide network of dialysis centers to deliver the highest quality care to a vast base of patients. Whether it is a physician or hospital administrator, DaVita would like to be considered the partner of choice in dialysis. Offering a variety of ways to work together in delivering quality patient care, including:

· Acute Dialysis Agreements

· Acquisitions

· Joint Ventures

· Medical Directorships

· Management Agreements

6. Financial data overview

The financial data overview that covered the net revenue, profit loss, and balance sheet major was on the DaVita investors website. Demonstrating the Financial and operating highlights that include:

· Cash flow

· Operating income and adjusted operating income

· Volume

· Impairment charges

· Effective income tax rate

· Center activity

· Share repurchases

7. Personnel/Staffing

· Nephrologist

· Medical director

· Facility Administrator

· Nurses

· Personal Care Technician

· Social worker

· Dieticians


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