Business ethics and law

Creating dialogue for presentation about 10 minutes. (Don’t have to make a power point, I will make it by myself, I need just script for presentation)

Being a leader in the business world requires the ability to convey complex ideas in a succinct manner to a wide variety of audiences. For this exercise, you will select an ethical dilemma in a current event and provide a business response for the company/organization on how to resolve the issue.

SOURCES You will refer to the textbook. Outside sources may be used, but you should be focused on the principles from the assigned readings. Be sure to credit all sources that you utilize. Not citing will result in a ZERO grade for the assignment.

INSTRUCTIONS You will engage in situational response presentation. After selecting an ethical dilemma that has occurred recently, you are required to present a solution on how to handle the issue and provide a framework on how to prevent future similar ethical dilemmas from arising again.

In your presentation make sure to include the following:

· Identify a current ethical dilemma

· Provide background information about the dilemma

· Present the ethical issues in the dilemma

· Ethics in finance

· Whistle-blowing

· Discrimination

· Etc.

· Provide a response on how to handle the issue

· Provide a framework on how to prevent similar ethical dilemmas from occurring in the future

You may also use these questions for additional guidance in your presentation:

1. What is the ethical issue/problem, in one sentence? State this in the form of an ethical question a business practitioner would need to consider. 2. What facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision you must render in this case? Note: facts do not include ethical judgments at this point. 3. Are there any other external or internal factors to be considered? (Economic, political, etc.) 4. Who are the claimants and in what way are you obligated to each of them? (List all affected by your decision.) 5. What are the operant ideals? Note: ideals are values and behaviors based on them. • For you • For the client/organization/profession 6. Do any of these ideals conflict? In what order would you honor them? 7. What are your options, and which would be favored by each affected party? (List at least three.) 8. Which options could cause harm to any claimant? 9. Would honoring any of the ideals listed above invalidate any of your options? 10. Are there any rules, principles or codes (legal, professional, organizational, or other) that automatically invalidate any of your options? 11. Which ethical theories support or reject which options? Explain.

· Utilitarianism

· Kant’s theory

· Other duties (religious, etc.)

12. Determine a course of action based on your analysis. 13. Defend your decision in writing to your most adamant detractor.


· Organization: 15.0 pts Exemplary

The presentation is carefully organized and provides convincing evidence to support conclusions.

· Content: 15.0 pts Exemplary

The content is accurate and complete. Listeners are likely to gain new insights about the topic.

· Delivery: 15.0 pts Exemplary

The speaker is relaxed and comfortable, speaks without undue reliance on notes, and interacts effectively with listeners for proper engagement and enthusiasm. Captures the attention of the listeners.