Business Impact Plan for Organization:

Health network is the one of the organizations in the organizations. The organization maintained the one risk analysis and they maintained risk mitigation paly. Not only this organization but also in every organization have risk mitigation plan. Risk mitigation plan basically it can tries to address in order to identify the risk in the organization. With the help of the risk mitigation plan we can reduce the possibilities of the risks. We have various strategies to implement risk mitigation plan in the network. In this health network they failed to implement the risk mitigation plan. So that it can leads to the major impact to the organization(Kumar et al., 2005).

The main constraints in the organizations are it has confidential data if anybody access the network then they would get the all secure data. Before implementing it organization need to analyse it in which are they are facing problem in that cases if we implement the risk mitigation plan we will be getting the good outcome. Why because if we don’t know where we are getting the constraint then it could be become difficult to identify the risk.

Risk Mitigation Impacted in the plan:

Risk mitigation process we have two types which are short term mitigation process and long term mitigation process at any way we should implement the long term mitigation process why because it will be giving long term output. If any organization process short term mitigation process it would give the short term output only which means it will be giving only less output only. With improper risk mitigation plan it can price the lot of risks in the organization. Organization need to face some elements which is reputation damage for any business trust is the main leading factor if any organization lost the trust we don’t get it after the loss. If we lost the trust it can impact on the organization reputations. we need to spent the over budget which mean it can directly impact on the budget as well so that the organization need to spend more on the further process. So the organization management should take over the all this type failures why because data quality is only main concern to get the database it requires the more effort. We have data even though we should be active while sharing the data(Hissar & Rejda, 2002).

Every organizations should provide the all types of qualified staff and adroit only. If any dextrous is there it will be negative impact on the organization brand. If the once market brand went down then the organization reputation will be decreasing. Second critical need is advances in technology some organizations are maintain the healthcare from the long period. So that they are using the outdated versions software are using now tremendous technology has arrived then we need to replace the all system equipment with newer system. Now the organization has decided to implement the new risk mitigation plan. Before this the higher authorities of the organizations are discussed these things. they finally came to know now they decoded to launch the new analysis which means the wanted to introduce the risk mitigation pal with advanced technologies then only they will get the good outcome if they are maintain the poor risk mitigation plan the output will be generating what they had previously in the health network. At the end they came to conclusion they released fund to these plans. Here the biggest concern is they should spent more budget to implement it. Why because if any organization is wanted to conduct the risk mitigation plan they should require the lot qualified to conduct it. With the effective inputs only we will be getting the good outcome.

Steps Involved:

· If the organization unable to provide the quality data we won’t get the qualified data as a output. before any organization developing the risk mitigation plan we should make sure which is main concern out of five process which are avoid, tolerate, treat, transfer and terminate.

· Once if we get the general strategy then we can start the process. If we are designing the risk mitigation plan at first we need to identify the risk only. Basically the risk is composed of the three things which are threat, impact and vulnerability.

· We should be clear in the risk mitigation process we need observe each and every element in the risk mitigation process. This pensive responsibility will give to reduce the risks in the organization with the help of the risk mitigation process it can allocate the good responsibility in the process.

· If we once completed set of risk mitigation process then we need to review the steps which are credible and it can avoid the unintentional sequences form the organization with the process of the risk mitigation process. If everything is done in the risk mitigation process then it can achieve the good outcome whatever the organization wants.

· With the output of the risk mitigation process now the organization management will be happy with the effective output. If we not get the effective output even we developed risk mitigation plan the organization will not be happy with the what they are getting. Then the organization funds will be losing.

· If any organization wants to develop the risk mitigation plan they should be active in that. After the implementation of the risk mitigation plan then the organization will be happy with objectives. They diminish the risk why because they are in the risk mitigation plan. In the health care network every confidential data will be in the secure mode.

· I have couple of suggestions I ought to enclose the all elements what I saw for the situation think about. As a matter of first importance concern is the information quality. In the perspective of information quality we ought to keep in the correct database that database ought to be as isolated programming just either mysql or sql suchmore. To keep up that database it requires the proficient individual why since it has set of specialized viewpoints. With the goal that the association support should centre in the database. In the event that the information base isn’t as secure nature then it will prompts more effect on it(Ramaswamy, 2005).

· Second proposal is the finding qualified staff in reality a few associations are keep up the qualified staff yet it not comes to the up to the degree. At the end the organization follows the above mentioned things it will be in the secure mode.


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