Case Process Sheet Instructions

The Case Process Sheet

• A Case Process Sheet template will be provided on D2L

• The contents of the Case Process Sheet should fit on one page.

• A completed Case Process Sheet is due by the start of class on day the case is assigned.

• Submit the Case Process Sheet to the appropriate “Assignments” folder on D2L.

Immediate Issues

• Put yourself in the decision-makers place

• Recognize and focus on the two most important immediate tasks to be resolved.

• Prioritize if more than two tasks need to be addressed in a specific organizational context

• Justify/Explain

Basic Issues

• Identify a basic issue for each immediate issue

• Put the immediate issue into a larger context.

• Generalize

• Go beyond the case specifics and generalize to a framework or theory in this course or another course or discipline.

• Justify/Explain

Alternative Generation

• List two alternatives that potentially resolve the most important immediate issue.

• Be specific on what is to be implemented.

• Justify/Explain

Decision Criteria

• Identify the two best qualitative or quantitative criteria tied to the context provided in the case and appropriate in view of the importance and urgency of the decision.

• Measurable

Alternative Assessment

• Move from an analytical mode to a decision mode.

• Assess qualitative and quantitative tradeoffs of each alternative.

• Be logical

• State your expectation of which alternative will be best, and why.

  • Slide Number 1
  • The Case Process Sheet
  • Immediate Issues
  • Basic Issues
  • Alternative Generation
  • Decision Criteria
  • Alternative Assessment