CIS 1107 – Chap 2 Part 2 Homework

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Instructions: Answer the questions below in the space provided; be sure your answers are clearly written and grammatically correct with no spelling errors. Following these questions, paste the screen shots showing the requested element.

Chap 2 – Computer Security Basics
Exercise Instructions and Evidence of Completion Answer a Question
2.4 Question: What is the most common method by which users authenticate themselves? What is meant by biometric authentication? Your Answer:
2.5 Question: A firewall works by blocking incoming requests. Explain how a firewall can distinguish between two incoming requests allowing one while denying the other. Your Answer:
2.6 Question: Windows and Mac OS X both provide personal firewall protection. In many small office or home office networks, other firewalls may also be in operation. Describe another firewall that might be in use in a small office/home office environment. Your answer:
2.7 Question: What password policies could be implemented to increase the security of users and computers? Your answer:

Screen shots: Your evidence of completion is a screen shot or capture that illustrates the item described. Use the tool of your choice (e.g., the Windows Snipping Tool or the Print Screen function) to take a screen shot of the required content.

1. Internet options. Paste a screen capture here that shows your browser configured to block third party cookies and to allow first party cookies.

2. Enable Windows Firewall Settings. Paste a screen capture here that shows the Windows configuration window demonstrating Windows Firewall is configured and protecting your system.

3. Paste a screen capture here of the Local Users and Groups node from the Computer Management tool showing all groups on your computer.