Company: SEWA (Wasit Powerstation) / Department: WPS

Report Formatting:

· The report should be typed using single spacing 12-point size Times New Roman font.

· Page setup should have a 2.54cm margin from each of the 4 sides.

· All report pages must be numbered.

· Section headings should all be numbered and have consistent font size and format.

· Table titles should be placed at the top of the tables. It should start with a table number and a caption for the table, for example: “Table 1. List of Frequencies Used for 4G Applications”.

· Figures should have numbers and captions that are placed at the bottom of the figure, for example “Figure 1. Block Diagram of the Measurement System”.

· All figures and tables included in the report must be cited and described in the text. Figures and tables should be placed after the paragraph in which they were introduced.

· Equations should be numbered consequently to the right. It is recommended to use MathType as an equation editor. A free version can be downloaded from the developer website.

· References should be presented in an appropriate standard format (IEEE style is strongly recommended), and must be cited in numerical order the text.

1. Report Content:

The report is expected to have the following sections:

· Abstract : Abstract should BRIEFLY summarize the objectives of internship, rationale, approach, major tasks, and achievements.

· Technical Core :

· Introduction: The report should start with a brief history of the company, its activities, and the industry within which it operates. It should also introduce the duties and responsibilities of trainee during internship. In addition; the introduction should have some technical details that introduce the reader to the scope of the internship. The introduction must also include the Professional code of ethics implemented in your company and how it was followed.

· A chapter describing the work done during the internship. In this chapter, please avoid lengthy and unnecessary detailed descriptions of equipment. Only include information relevant to the work you performed during the internship.

· Conclusion: it summarizes the internship experience. You may also describe any achieved objective along with recommendations that may improve the work within the internship organization.

· References : This is the list of the references used throughout the report. Same numbers should be used here to refer to the references cited in the text.