Compose a persuasive E-mail

Compose a persuasive E-mail (using the template attached) to the Mayor of the city you selected in your MEMO turned in early in the term (research your city and use the real Mayor’s name; you can make up their E-mail address). You will discuss the business you chose, and why you feel this business will work for the particular city. Make sure to discuss why the city will benefit and any other items you feel can be persuasive. You will need to convince the mayor of the city to be on board with you when bringing your business to the city. This needs to be a professional E-mail, so please do not reference our class in any way. Make sure your name is in the signature, and a well thought subject line is included. You are writing this persuasive E-mail as a potential business owner to the Mayor of the city you selected. Your E-mail should be at least 250 words. Write in 1st person point of view.

In the next page is the MEMO that I did early

I chose Riverside city in California since it is the most popular town in Riverside County. River side town is located along river Santa Ana in this county. It is also known to be the best performing town in the citrus industry around California. River side city consist of a population of 324,722 people as per the last year’s consensus in the United States. This city is also the twelfth most popular town in California State. The largest race that occupies the town is from the Hispanic origin which is 49% of the total population in the town. Other races include the Asians, Non-Hispanic whites, Black Americans and others from unknown origins who occupy the least parts of the town.

Of the River side population, the middle age between 25-45 is the largest seconded by the age below eighteen years and the least is the old age above 65 years. In comparison with gender the female occupy 50.39% and the male occupy 49.61% of the population. The total median age is 31.4, male median age is 30.5 and that of the female is 32.4.The type of households that occupy River side city are married the largest with 50.1%, non-family 27%, female 15.4% and male6.9%.Most of the people on this town, they are high school graduates who happen to be from the White’s Hispanic origin. The most spoken language by residents in River side town is English. The Black Americans record the highest numbers on poverty basis than other races in the town. The River side city records a household Median income of $58,979 where the married families have the highest median. In this city the labor force employment status has the highest percentage followed by the employed and least of the population here in unemployed.

An example of a business would properly fit the demographic of River side town of that of a golf club with all kind of recreational and sport activities. Most of the middle age which happens to be largest of the population in this town enjoys swimming, gym practice and playing other kinds of games like football, volleyball and golf playing among others. The golf club will also offer recreational activities for children such that the customers getting their services can be accompanied by their kids.