Consulting letter

For this project, which is discussed in the syllabus, you are to adopt the role of consultants. Do an analysis of the ethics of the organization/dilemma that was assigned to you. Identify any problems you have found and suggest resolutions. Assume that you are beginning your work as the ethics dilemma is just starting to unfold. For example, if you were working with Ford as it was considering launching the Pinto, what ethics advice would you offer? What problems existed in Ford as the Pinto was nearing production that allowed this car to be marketed in such a dangerous condition? What steps should the company implement to address the deficiencies you’ve found?

Your letter should be well-written, with correct spelling and good grammar. Consult the grammar tips posted on UBLearns for some writing help. Note that due to the nature of this project, writing in the first person is expected. (Ex – “In our analysis of your company, we found …..” or “We recommend ….”). You may also wish to consult The Center for Excellence in Writing. Be careful not to plagiarize; include citations for material you quote or are relying on in the text or in a separate page attached to the document.

The first link is our source, and the other link is same topic source that can read to complete the assignment. First reading the first link. That is my topic.