Costco Wholesale in 2016: Mission, Business Model, and Strategy

Body of the paper

Introduction to the Paper

Purpose of the paper

History of the company (include a time lime in the appendix)

Current summary of the company (current location, number of employees, earnings, etc.)

Stakeholders and the Corporate Mission

Stakeholder impact analysis

Mission statement, values, goals, etc.

Corporate governance problems (if any); if they dont seem to have any, explain which mechanisms prevent the problem

Ethical climate

Corporate social responsibility

External Analysis

Identification and description of the industry, including the sectors and market segments

History of the industry

Industry’s dominant economic characteristics/traits (include table)

Discussion of competition and the strength of each competitive force

Porter’s Five Forces Model applied to the industry (include figure)

Macro-environment (include figure). What are the Key Factors for

competitive success for this industry?

Identification and description of the key competitors.

Which companies are in the strongest/weakest positions?

Strategic group map (include figure) Is the industry attractive and what are its prospects for above-average profitability?

Summary of Opportunities and Threats in the external environment

Internal Analysis: Does your company have a competitive advantage? If so, does it come from low cost or differentiation? If it does not have a competitive advantage, explain why. Discuss the generic building blocks of competitive advantage as they relate to your company. Value chain analysis Include figure (relate it to your company).

Discuss distinctive competencies, resources, and capabilities

Discuss the durability of the competitive advantage

Analysis of financial performance using ROIC

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses

SWOT analysis. What strategic issues does the company face?

Strategies: Functional-level strategies, Business-level strategies,

Strategies if the industry is fragmented Strategies for stage in life cycle. Strategies for high-tech industries

Global-level strategies, Corporate-level strategies. How well is the present strategy working (financial data) Portfolio Analysis

Description of the different companies and how much each one contributes to earnings. Strategy Implementation

Organization structure (include chart). Strategic control systems

Motivation, rewards, and incentives. Corporate culture

Strategic Leadership. Strategic Recommendations for the Future


Works Cited Page (use APA format) at least 15 different sources must be used; at least 5 of them must come from the Wall Street Journal, and at least 5 of them must come from Business Week



Clear writing style, coherent, concise

Correct use of APA headings

Edited for consistency in writing style

No grammatical or punctuation errors

Error free presentation (no typos, format errors, spelling errors, etc.)

Appropriate and consistent format (margins don’t change, laser printed, bound, etc.)

Check your Business Communication text for the section on formal report writing. You’ll need to include all of the elements presented — title page, executive summary, etc.


Correct use of APA Style (documentation, spacing, headings, tables, figures, etc.) Use Times New Roman in Font 12, double spaced, for all assignments.

Correct and appropriate citation of sources


Headings, topic sentences, transitions, grammar, etc.

Spell check and proof carefully!