Country Analysis: Essay

Unit II Course Project

Country Analysis: Essay

The business that is going to be discussed is the Apple Company which for a long time the firm has dominated the market due to its innovation. It is a global organization that has branches all over the world (Moffett, Stonehill & Eiteman, 2015). The nation of operation that is going to be elaborated in the United Kingdom. It is a nation where Apple has enjoyed success and had a market share of 26.2 percent. The percent indicates the market dominance enjoyed by the company which it is aiming to improve. The use of innovation is one apple company using to fulfill customers’ tastes and also make themselves competitive in the market.

Background and economic strategy

Apple Company was started back in 1976, by two college dropout who changed how people view computers. The primary objective was to make portable computer one which can be used at home or offices. The company went through tough times and even made fewer profits which forced the founders to quit and seek green pastures. The company faces stiff competition from the Windows operating system. In 1997, the company developed the Mac version as the operating system which is used to date as the software. Apple company focuses mainly on electronics such as iPod, tablet, laptop, Apple TV, mobile phones among others.

They are a various economic strategy used by Apple company which aims at strengthening the company and making it competitive. Protection of the company information is one of the priority. The firm has set various measures to ensure the data generated is secure and confidential. One of the methods used is the adoption of biometric. Biometric is used to secure companies operations and improve the level of confidentiality in the entire organization. Another process is company adoption of copyright and patenting activities. This is to curb any malicious activities of an individual or group. The main malicious activity prevented mostly against is copyright which may influence with the quality of the products in the market. Another is the use of firewalls that helps in eliminating unwanted materials that would corrupt the system. It helps the company remain competitive in the market.

National goals

The United Kingdom also is known as England or Great Britain is one of the leading on an economic standpoint due to its influence in the international relations. The nation has various goals which suit any foreign company. Some of the national goals include; to have a stable global system that is under the leadership and guidance of the UN. Another promotes the economic interest of the United Kingdom. Also, minimizing the risks of transnational crime and aims at promoting peace. All the above-identified national goals ensure that Apple Company can run its operations.

National trade policies

Trade is one of the United Kingdom economic backbones. The primary trading partner is the United States which makes it more comfortable for Apple company to fit and perform its operations (“United Kingdom – Trade”, 2018). Some of the trade policies supported by the nation are liberalization. Another is labor and taxation. Government generates revenue from the tax on the goods and services.

Emerging Trends

In 2016 the economy of both Germany was among the leading nations. In 2017, the figure changed, and UK GDP has reduced (“United Kingdom Economy – GDP, Inflation, CPI and Interest Rate”, 2018). Also, it is predicted that the country is going to experience inflation which will be caused by the depreciation of the sterling. Another is the effects of Brexit on the economy of the nation.


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