Country Analysis


Unit III Course Project

Country Analysis

The company selected for this paper is Apple and the region is the United Kingdom. It is a nation that is located in Europe and has a good relationship with the United States. Apple is a company that has been successful in the market at the national and international level. It is a nation that has a strong economy. The company management has to devise a plan to adapt to the changing global environment in a foreign nation. The main aim of the organization is to improve the market share and realize a profit (Moffett Stonehill, & Eiteman, 2015). Apple company uses various strategies in the market to run its operations smoothly. Collaboration is an essential tool to the success of the company operations. Partnerships involve company relation with all the stakeholders who are part of the company success. The list of Apple company stakeholders includes government, shareholders, employees, distributors, among others. The company has ensured there is a good relation with all stakeholders by promoting constant communication. It ensures that all stakeholders are familiar with company progress and involved in the process of decisions making. The management also ensures to use an approach that favors people from different background (O’Rourke, 2012).

Culture and Belief systems.

The United Kingdom is comprised of four different nations which include Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (Studlar, 1999). There is diversity in the culture with people from different background. The big population comprises of white who are approximate 87.2% percent and 3 percent blacks with mixed heritage, Pakistan comprises of 1.9 percent, British Indian area 2.3 percent, and others area 3.7% percent. The big population of the people in the United Kingdom is white or individuals with British heritage. Hence Apple needs to produce products that favor the majority in the region to succeed and make a profit. Christianity is the main religion in the United Kingdom and enjoys 59.5 % percent. It is the leading religion which is followed by Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism. Hence Christianity is the main group. It is a monarch and a parliamentary system type of governance. The country has various political parties. Hence, it is a multiparty country.

Historical Significance

There are various historical events that can affect the operations of the Apple Company. One of the historical events is withdrawal from the EU. From 1973 United Kingdom has been an active EU member since the economic block was formed. On 23rd June 2016, United Kingdom citizen voted on the favor of leaving the EU. This is a move that can affect the business operations due to the imposition of customs duties. Also, it can weaken their currency which can directly affect Apple Company.

Other events

The big population lies between the ages of 25-54 who are 40.55 % percent of the total population. The number of the male is slightly higher than that of the female. Most of the business products should be designed to fit the higher population in the entire region. The rate of dependency is high which is 55.5. It is a value that concerns the operations of the business. The rate of dependency is divided between youth and elderly who have a value of 27.4 and 28.2 respectively.


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