Course Project – Company Selection

Module 02 Course Project – Company Selection


Professor Bella


August 20, 2018

Module 02 Course Project – Company Selection 4

Module 02 Course Project – Company Selection

I chose to research Amazon for my course project in Operations Management online plus course. I chose Amazon because of it is exceptional reputation and abilities. Amazon has been operating for two decades and is one of the world’s largest retailers with its Fulfillment Centers at its backbone (Bixby, 2015).

I chose Amazon because of its superiority in the e-commerce field. Amazon has utilized different technologies and processes to become one of the best-known models for supply chain and operations. Amazon carries one of the largest inventories of goods. Amazon is an example of the significance of technologically supported productivity for optimal efficiency of services. Through effective operations management, Amazon keeps its lead in online retail in the e-commerce market.

I am aware of some aspects of Amazon and what makes the so superior in operations management. However, I would like to know more specifics. I am aware that Amazon utilizes technology, but I do not know what specific programs, software or machinery and why it is more superior. I would like to know how their software and processes handle the amount of orders that are coming in every day.

I plan on using different types of research. I will use the online Rasmussen library because of the amount of information supplied and the credibility of the information. I plan to also use the technology websites related to the programs and technology used by Amazon. The companies that make and sell the products used by Amazon will be incredibly helpful in understand all that it is used for and can be used for. Amazon has some patents on the technology they utilize. I plan to use articles and peer reviewed sources to find the uses and how they came to develop them.

I am interested in Amazon’s technology and processes because I am pursuing a career in supply chain. Amazon is well known for their superior supply chain, so I can learn the most about the field and the processes that can make a complicated warehouse run smooth and organized.

Module 02 Course Project – Company Selection 4


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