CRM Programs



CRM Programs

Cindy Sanchez

Psy 435

September 13, 2018

A CRM program is a software that is incorporated in the running of an organization so as to increase the efficiency of the various departments and consequently reduce human error. Through a CRM program, the relations between the employees and their customers are increasing sales for the company. An example of a CRM program that has been quite beneficial in many industries is the operational CRM program that helps in marketing, sales and customer relations between the company and its clients (Olzak, 2010). Although there have been many debates on the safety and privacy of data that is stored in the cloud, many organizations have realized that employing the services of a cloud vendor helps in marketing their products and services, having a better relationship with their customers, boosting the network between the various departments in a company among others. It is due to this that many companies have embraced this technology and attempted the services of cloud vendors.

In a commercial airline agency that strives to offer the best services to its passengers as well as its employees and at the same time remain afloat in a competitive world, there is need to engage a cloud vendor that would raise the relationship between the company and the clients. It has been noted that any complain that may arise due to poor management of the company would picture a bad image therefore many clients would seek similar or better services elsewhere. An agency that has benefitted from CRM program is the Mundane Nursing Unit. This is a nursing clinic whose management has employed a cloud vendor to help in managing the patients that they receive in their clinic. It is the wish of every patient to have his medical records stored appropriately such that they do not leak to the public. On the other hand, a patient would feel quite uncomfortable if they would have to explain their medical history to every personnel that they find in the clinic (Klosek, 2011). It is due to this that the cloud becomes essential in sharing such information although to only those people that should have access to it.

Mundane Nursing Unit realized that its overwhelming growth in the number of patients that attended their clinic would lead to unprofessionalism in the event that there was a mix up in the diagnosis of the patients. This led to their decision to seek the services of a cloud CRM program vendor. It was found that there was need to keep a follow on the progress of the health of a patient in their homes hence continued communications through messages made the patients feel cared for. In addition, keeping these patients admitted in the clinic so as to monitor their progress seemed to congest the healthcare unit and this led to the need to seek for more caregivers. After lengthy deliberations, it was agreed that patients would feel more comfortable when their family members were involved in caring for them. According to Klosek (2011), if the patients agreed, their information would be shared with the family members so that they would know the best care to give them.

Initially, patient’s records were stored in excel sheets and outlook. This was an inconvenient process especially if that information was needed under a short notice. Again, in the event that the device storing this information crushed, it was impossible to retrieve it therefore losing vital data. Clinicians had to be trained on how to use the CRM program without exposing private information to the public (Klosek, 2011). A study was carried out to ensure that the nurses and other employees kept this information and only shared with those that needed to. Besides, their ability to keep passwords to the computers and emails was also determined. The leaders of each department were expected to play a great role in guiding their assistants in ensuring the patients were well taken care of.

The managers of the clinic are expected to ensure that there is unity among all the departments of the healthcare unit. This indicated that the communication between the various departments should be smooth and the vision, mission and goals of the clinic should be welcomed by all. It should be noted that the program helps in that in the event an employee from a certain department seeks information from another, he does not need to walk all the way to get the information as the same is shared amongst the employees. According to Panek (2017), “employees do not have time to figure out complex business software themselves. They need to access information quickly and easily and be able to create parts and know who to send emails to.” This promotes efficiency, consistency and access to information from any device including at the comfort of one’s home. The team leaders are expected to maintain a good understanding amongst themselves irrespective of their role in the company. They should work together in order to help in meeting the objective of the company.

There are several leadership theories that when employed effectively assist in promoting the growth of an organization. The behavioral theory assumes that leaders are made and not born. The leaders observe the traits of others and implement their skills and therefore are able to perform in their areas. Such a leader learns from the success of others and seeks to succeed in their area as well. Participative leadership on the other hand is a theory adapted by leaders who seek the opinion of others before making major decisions concerning the welfare of a company. A participative leader ensures that he not only directs his peers, subordinates and the rest in implementing the decisions that are made, but also takes part in it. The various leadership skills are necessary as they are geared towards achieving a successful company (Panek, 2017). The managers as well as team leaders should guide their employees towards achieving the goals through laid upon guidelines.

As has earlier been mentioned, a CRM program helps in ensuring that the welfare of the customers is taken into considerations and their interests are also prioritized. For a healthcare clinic like Mundane, this program has helped in ensuring that the patients are monitored long after they have been discharged. Such a patient will feel comfortable going back to the same facility to seek help or even referring others there. This is a strategy that is likely to boost the marketing strategy of the company and help it grow economically (Olzak, 2010). The program that an organization chooses to work should be beneficial as well as cost friendly. It should be one that builds trust between the company and its clientele. It is recomended that the management involves the employees in decision making so that everyone embraces it and uses as for the benefit of the company.


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