Cyber Security

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I agree with the action, Whitman et. al (2017) describes that the employee failed to follow established policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are put in place to mitigate risk and need to be implemented by all personnel. If one employee refuses to follow these policies to get work done faster or easier cutting corners, it is important to reprimand accordingly. In this case, because it involved 6 million or more people’s personally identifiable information (PII) I agree that firing the employee was correct. This employee not only violated the policies of the organization but also the CIA Triad, Confidentiality protecting the disclosure of information.

The CIA Triad represents:

Integrity: the integrity of data and resources that have not been corrupted or altered in any way shape or form other than to represent actual data. The text describes it as whole, complete, uncorrupted. (Whitman, et. al, 2017, p. 16)

Confidentiality: confidentiality is when data is protected from exposure or disclosure to any person or system that does not present the right privileges. The text describes confidentiality as ensuring that only users with the rights, privileges, and need to access information are able to do so. (Whitman, et. al, 2017, p. 16)

Availability: availability of data without any interference whenever an authorized user or system is attempting access. This often follows the five 9s of availability or less depending on the SLA established.

Whitman, M.E., & Mattord, H. J. (2017). Principles of Information Security (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.