Cyber Security

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The speaker presents the very interesting findings in his 15 minutes speech about the research he conducted in the University of Carnegie Mellon University. The presenter briefs about sharing personal information and the consequence behind it.  It feels very scary and worrisome to be safe in the fast growing technology era when one goes through the presentation. Acquisti starts his presentation by telling the incident what happens when Adam and Eve find naked themselves after they eat the fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Before they eat, they are happy and enjoy their lives; but after that they realized they naked and ashamed of it (Acquisti, 2013). The speaker connects this scenario that the more we know, the more we pay for our privacy and freedom.

I think the line between private and public has become blurred and it feels there is no border between the two. This is because technology makes it at risk the personal information of individuals the other way round. For example, posting photo on Facebook can be a public but out of the photo and the data in the survey, facial recognizer reveals the social security, one of the very sensitive private data (Acquisti, 2013).

The speaker also keep telling us how candidates resume affected because of their social media posts. The organizations search candidates’ posts to see their personality based on their photo. Acquisti announces his research findings about the two candidates who have equal skills but discriminated by employers because of their photo found in the big data (Acquisti,2013).

The presenter concludes that the motivation for sharing personal information is freedom. He adds, Adam and Eve achieve autonomy but they leave the garden. So one can free to share personal information online but it may turn to a negative consequence. Therefore, we need strong policy  that understands the benefits of the presence of big data while protecting privacy and we should know what is going on to aware our ourselves  (Acquisti,2013).


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