Cyber White Paper

Assignment 1. Cyber White Paper

(Due at the End of Week Four: 20% of Grade)

Within INTL 647 you are required to identify a cyber-related issue that requires a solution. In

this case, you will select a topic or issue as it relates to cyber space. This will form as the basis

for developing a Cyber Research Proposal (Assignment #2) and Cyber Issue Paper that focuses

on your selected cyber topic (Assignment #3).

You are encouraged to refer to Belcher, Wendy Laura. 2009. “Editing Your Sentences” In

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks. A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. Sage. This

resource has an excellent step-by-step process for enhancing your writing.

The goal of this assignment is to present a clear white paper. Your white paper should be

between 4-5 pages in length not including your references.

You will need to:

1) Identify a cyber related issue that requires closer examination.

2) Clearly state the problem.

3) Explain why this is an important issue. How will further research and solution assist with

mitigating the effects of this issue?

4) Offer a set of solutions, with an optimal solution for recommendation.

Format. Your paper should have a 1-inch border on all four sides, use Times New Roman-12

point font, be double spaced, and not have an extra space in between paragraphs. All references

and citations are in Chicago Turabian format.

Introduction/Synopsis. Identify and introduce your key issue. Provide a succinct synopsis of the

problem and why the issue merits further discussion and resolution.

Background/Problems. Outline the scope of the issue and provide background information to

orient your audience. The focus of this section is to orient a decision-maker to key issues in order

to facilitate the resolution of the problem on an understanding of the facts that you identify. This

section should be supported by evidence—as opposed to opinion. It is imperative that you do not

shift from the main topic and pose issues that cannot be resolved.

Solution. Propose a set of solutions with pro’s and con’s to each. Recommend the optimal


Conclusion. Write a conclusion in order to wrap up the white paper and enhance your readers’


References. Include any references in a separate Reference Page.

Submission Instructions. The research proposal must be submitted as a Word Document

Attachment in the Assignments section of the classroom by Sunday, 11.55pm EST at the end of

Week 4.