Data Set Instructions


Data Set Instructions

The grades.sav file is a sample SPSS data set. The fictional data represent a teacher’s recording of student demographics and performance on quizzes and a final exam across three sections of the course. Each section consists of about 35 students (= 105).

Software Installation

Make sure that IBM SPSS Statistics Standard GradPack is fully licensed, installed on your computer, and running properly. It is important that you have either the Standard or Premium version of SPSS that includes the full range of statistics. Proper software installation is required in order to complete your first SPSS data assignment in Assessment 1.

Next, click grades.sav in the Assessment 1 Resources to download the file to your computer.

· You will use grades.sav throughout the course.

The definition of variables in the grades.sav data set are found in the Assessment 1 Context. Understanding these variable definitions is necessary for interpreting SPSS output.

In Assessment 1, you will define values and scales of measurement for all variables in your grades.sav file.

Verify the values and scales of measurement assigned in the grades.sav file using information in the Data Set on page 2 of this document.

Data Set

There are 21 variables in grades.sav,. Open your grades.sav file and go to the Variable View tab. Make sure you have the following values and scales of measurement assigned.

SPSS variable Definition Values Scale of measurement
id Student identification number Nominal
lastname Student last name Nominal
firstname Student first name Nominal
gender Student gender 1 = female; 2 = male Nominal
ethnicity Student ethnicity 1 = Native; 2 = Asian; 3 = Black;

4 = White; 5 = Hispanic

year Class rank 1 = freshman; 2 = sophomore;

3 = junior; 4 = senior

lowup Lower or upper division 1 = lower; 2 = upper Ordinal
section Class section Nominal
gpa Previous grade point average Scale
extcr Did extra credit project? 1 = no; 2 = yes Nominal
review Attended review sessions? 1 = no; 2 = yes Nominal
quiz1 Quiz 1: number of correct answers Scale
quiz2 Quiz 2: number of correct answers Scale
quiz3 Quiz 3: number of correct answers Scale
quiz4 Quiz 4: number of correct answers Scale
quiz5 Quiz 5: number of correct answers Scale
final Final exam: number of correct answers Scale
total Total number of points earned Scale
percent Final percent Scale
grade Final grade Nominal
passfail Passed or failed the course? Nominal