DB responses

Share with the class the most valuable topic or subject area you learned about during this course and why. When responding to classmates’ posts, explain how the topic they chose was also valuable to you. Pick from below topics:

1. Data Security

2. Unions

3. Incentives

4. Appraisals

5. Recruiting

Susan Flammia

This course really influenced my thoughts on how to handle daily operations as being a human resource manager. With given the readings on best practices within the HR function as well as the discussions, I learned a lot. I would have to say that module 4 was my favorite topic, more specifically background investigations. No two companies conduct their investigations the same way and it is interesting to see from least to most in depth background checks. This past January, as the HR Manager, I implemented a new protocol for all new employees as a pre-onboading process where background checks are conducted based on criminal and employment verification. In the past there was only reference verification so by adding the extra layer, we eliminated the “bad apples.”

Rachel Arthiste

The most valuable topic I’ve learned from this class was the article on the Kia recruitment process. Being an administrative assistant for over 15 years and working side by side with recruiting and HR, it was eye opening to see the length Kia went through to reach potential candidates. From setting up computers and work stations at the libraries and schools for those who did not access to ensuring assessments were part of the application process to weed out candidates. There are endless way to recruit and ensure you are reaching an entire population. So many people miss opportunities because they don’t have a computer at home or their library has limited resources. Kia made sure they gave everyone an opportunity to apply and gain employment if they qualified.

The company I work for links up with the local colleges in our area and participate in their yearly career fair. They even have a special program to hire these young professional and put them through an extensive training program to learn a role that would have otherwise been unavailable to them due to lack of experience. It is important for businesses and companies to attract talent from all areas and ensure they are being diverse in their recruitment process.