Description/Focus: Essay

Description/Focus:  Essay
Value:  40%
Due date:  Saturday 13th Oct Time: 5 pm Darwin Time
Length:   2500 words


Presentation:       The document will be typed

· 12 pt. Font

· 1½ or Double spacing

· Wide margins

Assessment criteria:  · Evidence of wide reading

· Academic writing

· Demonstrated comprehension of the literature and synthesis of theory with practice.


Task:  Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses in the delivery of services to remote communities via face to face and virtual service models.  Identify within each approach the challenges for the human services worker and professional development strategies for improving regional and remote skills.

In considering each approach select one of the following population groups or service needs.


a. Disaster recovery within Australia

b. Mental Health services for remote Aboriginal communities

c. Domestic Violence services for women in remote and regional Australia

d. An issue or population type of your choice

REFERENCES AND RESOURCES: using this would help to gain more marks

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Database/Web site direct link

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