Developing an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project Question

NURS 8000 Week 1 Announcement C-PIICOT Question Template


Dear NURS Students,


Please use the following template for writing your PIICOT question in upcoming assignments



· P= Patient group/Population

· I= Issue

· I= Intervention

· intervention should be based on high level evidence and a specific national guideline (look at the National Guideline ClearinghouseRegistered Nurses Association of Ontario Guidelines,Joanna Briggs Institute Cochrane Library, CDC, Healthy People 2020, NIH, ADA, AHA, etc.)

· C= Comparison

· O= Outcomes that will be measured

· T= Time



· In ________ (customize this with your patient group/population) within an urban/rural X (acute care/ambulatory care/long-term care) agency in X (northern, eastern, Midwestern) United States, how does X protocol adoption (as recommended by X national guideline -give title of specific guideline…not just something vague like National Guideline Clearinghouse) impact ____________ (customize this with the main, high-level outcomes you want this project to achieve) as measured X months post-implementation when compared to the current standard of care (list the current standard-no X protocol)?