Discrete Mathematics

Readings Check section 11.2

Read Section 11.2 [You can skip over example 11.7.]

Type in the answers below each question and email the completed document to me, or print out the document and fill it out by hand and email a scan or photo of it to me.

1) In figure 11.14 is graph G1 a spanning subgraph of graph G?

2) In example 11.5, figure 11.16 d) why is the graph G3 not an induced subgraph of G?

3) How many edges are in the graph K4 ? How many vertices are in the graph K100 ?

4) Looking at definition 11.12, how many edges would be in the graph  for the graph G in figure 11.17(a)?

5) Are the two graphs in figure 11.19 isomorphic graphs?

6) Write down the degree sequences for the two graphs in figure 11.26. [See Notes 11.1 or ask].

Are the degree sequences the same or different? If they are different then the graphs are not isomorphic.

After submitting this form, go on to watch the videos, read the notes, and start the homework assignment for section 11.2. Ask any questions that arise at any point in the process. When the homework assignment is done, and you feel that you have a solid understanding of the homework and the section, then take the quiz for section 11.2.