discussing a scholarly article(short essay) 6 hours only

1. Where and when did hip hop start? What ethnic groups in America is it associated with? 2. What does hip hop mean to young people outside America? Is it viewed as an American genre? 3. Which are the two main sources of hip hop (pages 180-181) 4. Transculturation is a term that describes the meeting and mixing of cultures? How does the article show how hip hop crosses and combines cultures (as opposed to simply spreading American cultural practices globally)? 5. Why do the authors argue that hip hop is an example of glocalization at work? 6. What is hip hop as a genre associated with politically? Is it everywhere the same issue? Pages 186-191 list various countries¡¯ adaptation of hip hop for their needs. Make sure you understand well at least one of these countries¡¯ use of hip hop.