Choose one of the character types (the b’hoy or the intellectual “weakling,”), or choose one of the themes (misogyny, guilt, or the uncanny,) from a reading in this unit. Then, demonstrate an understanding of your choice by discussing all of the following questions/points in your answer.

· Give an example from the story of your choice that shows the theme/character that you will discuss. Quoting would be a good idea here.

· Next, locate this theme/character in another reading from this unit and explain how you see it working there. Or, if you prefer, locate this theme/character in any book you have read, TV show you have seen, or movie you have seen. How is the second work similar to the primary work that you discussed in the first bullet point above? For example, if I wrote on this question I would discuss the b’hoy and the intellectual in “Sleepy Hollow.” Then I would compare those character types to Thor and Loki in the film Thor. There are some similarities, but also some differences between Brom Bones/Thor and Loki/Ichabod. I’d have a good time writing that paper though and I’d be able to show that I understand the character types.