Discussion Board Forum 2 Worksheet Terminology

· Required Courses and Hours

· List the course names and the number of hours that a graduate must have to apply for a license in your state.

· Number of Internship (Residency) Hours

· How many hours of experience (some states call it “internship”) must you have to qualify for a license in your state?

· Number of Supervision Hours

· Does your state specify the number of hours of supervision you must have for licensure? If so, how many?

· National or State Exam/Other Exams

· Does your state require the NBCC national counselor exam, or does it have its own?

· Miscellaneous (Age, Particular Degree, Criminal HX)

· Are there any other requirements for licensure? Some states require a certain age, a particular degree, or even a criminal background check.

· Scope of Practice

· What does your state say you can and cannot do as a professional counselor?