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Jerry Flowers Jr Posted

In the discussion we are to identify three possible topics, then review the topics and list or establish their existing problems, and lastly create a few research questions in hopes to tag along with the topic chosen.

Therefore, leading into this module the assignments all point back to are you a leader or a follower? This is a very well stated question due to it will allow one to answer it within, but there are few people out there who will think they are a leader but are clearly a follower.

For example, in the DOE there is the teacher, then they have a Department Chair, then the Administration who will then answer to the Principal. Well in there we missed a few more entities who make up the whole school, now in the DOE it is hard to be the leader but there are teachers who are known as the “Bull”, “Golden Teacher” these are usually the teachers with years under their belt what they say can go, well in all it still comes down to the Principals decision.

Another Example, the Dealership world, yes it looks all green and rich from the outside, however, there is clearly a leader and follower role, but what other people don’t know is this are people who are natural made leaders, and its ok to be a follower as this will allow you to get more experience, but the leader will have to make sure the followers are ok, when I was a manager in the dealership world, I was more concern that the 25 salesmen and women were feeding their families, as if they are happy I’ll be happy, the leadership role a manager takes is a lot and comes with a cost, as an internet manager we all know the internet never sleeps, well neither did I, if I slept mouth were not getting fed. I oversaw the families of 25 traveling sales personnel women and men, as then 215 in the 17 dealerships, so it was a large task, they would get fed their leads from my office, so if they fail, I failed.

The problems in the leadership role are not always visible, a leader who runs with heart always will have it sheltered, as to a leader who runs with an iron clad, they will leader with force, either one will get take advantage of, it is okay to fail. As for the follower well, he/she will go and do what is told to do so the blame will not come to the follower it will be on the leader and for the most the manager will be the blame as to the instructions that were given.

Topic Questions?

As a Leader, in this role what are required and or expected, and what does it take to be successful?

In your organization or company working for, is their changes taking place? If so, explain, and what is your role in these changes?

In this world today everyone thinks they are a leader, what does or how does one tell if the leader is a leader or a follower?

Krystal McCain posted


“To be effective in facilitating change, strong and capable leaders are needed. Effective leaders are individuals who understand their organization, including the capabilities of their teams. An understanding of the workforce and of what’s needed during times of change” (Argosy, 2018) will help guide an organization to achieving transformation and effective change success.

Research topic #1: Change in organizational management affecting environmental stability

“As pressures of globalization propel companies to innovate in a global multicultural context, it is increasingly important to cultivate a culturally diverse workplace to enhance employee creativity” (Chua, 2013). As organizational change is constant, how can a company ensure that they are providing a safe environment that allows cultural diversity? This question might prove to be difficult as providing a safe environment could differ between different stakeholders as well as measuring the acceptance of cultural diversity.  There should be ethical and legal guidelines to help ensure that a safe environment is being provided and that cultural diversity is being accepted rather than frowned upon.

Research topic #2: The influence of social and emotional intelligence

As organizations undergo various changes, would it be beneficial for an organization to possess a leader that has skills sets coinciding with emotional intelligence or social intelligence?  “The domain of social intelligence relates to center genres of emotional intelligence i.e. self-aware, humanistic, sociable and self-satisfying and thus necessitate emphasizing these genres in the fields which involve human interaction” (Khodadady, & Hezareh, 2016).   Social and emotional intelligence can be subjective skills sets. A researcher has to have a baseline measurement in order to decipher the skill sets of both the social and emotional intelligence of leaders within their organizations.

Research topic #3 Change and how it affects virtual teams

In today’s society, technology has grabbed a foot hold in organizations. Some organizations have incorporated virtual teams because of the benefits that technology offers.  Would it be increasingly more difficult for leaders to deal with change while managing a virtual team? “Virtual teams can be very complex organizational structures integrating psych-social variables, cultural diversity, economic and financial factors, and management processes. Furthermore, the complexity of the team increases with greater geographic dispersion, fewer face-to-face  meetings, and greater dependence on computer mediation” (Wakefield, Leidner, & Garrison, 2008).  Although virtual teams are becoming more and more popular, leaders are having to acclimate to this different environment. Obtaining the skill set to manage virtual teams is important and will prove to be an asset to an organization.