Discussion Questions

1.How would you define an ethical business culture? Use an example from your work history (or something you’ve read about) to illustrate what constitutes an ethical (or unethical) business culture.

2. A commonly cited business goal is profit maximization. Why is this not the most precise goal of financial management? Referencing a real-life example, why should a corporation not do anything and everything to maximize owners’ wealth?


Your discussion board response should be approximately 200 words. APA format for all references is expected – at the very least, your textbook should be listed as a reference for your discussion board posting. Your initial discussion board response is due no later than Saturday at midnight Eastern Time.

Read and respond in approximately 100 words to at least 2 of your peers within this discussion forum. References are not required for your responses to your colleagues. Your responses are due no later than Tuesday at midnight Eastern Time.

Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are expected.

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