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Week 1.

I believe that critical thinking is the thought process of viewing all points and facts and making your own assumptions. A time in which I had to use critical thinking is on an assessment for a job. I had to decide to answer how I believed or how the employer would want me to answer. The manner in which I would show that employer I possessed critical thinking would be to explain my decisions about my kids. Certain shots that they receive I use my families opinions then I do my research on those shots. I believe that most people can increase critical thinking but it tends to be very difficult. Ways that someone could do this is to research certain topics and look at the different views that people have of that topic.

Week 1.

Hello Professor Pedrone and Classmates,

My definition of critical thinking is objectively, and without bias analyzing facts from fiction, it also is an act which requires self-discipline.

My current job requires critical thinking invariably, case and point I have a staff member whose charged with keeping all chemicals under lock and key at all time except when in use. However, the staff member used the chemical and failed to put the chemical back under lock and key, and when confronted about it she lied about the situation and denies the facts, even when an eyewitness confronts her about the matter. Needless, to say we both knew some action was needed; the question was, what? Should she be fired or suspended? I had to examine all facts and determine the severity of the punishment for this employee. Since no one was injured, she was suspended with and warned that future infractions of this nature would inevitably result in immediate termination.

The manner in which I would show a potential employer that I have solid critical thinking skills is this: I would do my research before meeting with him/her, I would listen intently to what the employer is saying or asking and assess the information thoroughly before engaging. I would not hesitate to ask questions for clarity, and I would not be afraid to ask questions and respectfully disagree.

Lastly, I do believe people can grow their critical thinking skills. Self -discipline is the key to growing one’s critical thinking skills, knowledge of subject matter, and an open mind and a willingness to broaden your belief system that says you have to be right always.

Week 2:

My selected topic is, should the death penalty be allowed?


· It is an important tool for preserving law and order.

·  Retribution or “an eye for an eye” honors the victim, helps console grieving families, and makes sure that the criminal of vicious crimes never have an opportunity to cause future crimes.

· It preserves law and order, averts crime, and is cheaper than life in prison.


·  It wrongly gives governments the power to take human life, and perpetuates social injustices by disproportionately targeting people of color (racist) and people who cannot afford good attorneys (classist).

·  Lifetime jail sentences are worse and less expensive punishment than death.

· Has no hindrance effect on crime.

The take the opposing side when it comes to the death penalty.  The death penalty has been un-just since the beginning of time, especially in the United States.  First of all, the law, constitution, etc. was never designed for people of color to have justice.  Back then, people of color held no positions to determine rather someone was getting the death penalty or not.  History proves that Blacks and Hispanic have been the target and highest number of death penalties, and some inmates who were on death row have in fact been released based on inaccuracies in their cases.  Furthermore, I think no judge has the right to take life.  Now on the other hand, if people weren’t so racist, stuck on money, and death not handed out so disproportionately, the death penalty could be considerable.

RE: Week 2 Discussion

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The topic I choose is social media.

Pro- They spread information faster than any other media

It helps people to find work if they can’t find it on there own

It allows people to improve their ways to make new friends

Con- They can spread false information about someone

It can lead to relationship problems

It can leave criminals to commit and do crimes

I choose to talk about social media. Social media has been around for a long time and it is a lot of people is doing a lot of things on it. People put there whole life style on it and everybody be talking about it. The will be the first have something to say that people need to stay out of there business. Some people just needs to stop putting there business out there. Social media could be good and bad it all depends on the situation.

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Week 4:

I would say that i watch TV a good amount for news and also kid shows for my children and I’m normally bombarded with infomercials. One that seems to play over and over again is from Proactive. The bandwagon appeal is used to urge people to follow the same paths as others do. Proactive is one of the most popular companies known for instilling bandwagon techniques in their commercials. They have used celebrities such as Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and the list goes on.

They use the celebrities to lead the discussion on the product, and then show a series of before and after photos submitted to them by users of the product. As you continue to view the commercial, seeing amazing results leads you to the conclusion that this product not only works, but it will change your life as it has already “allegedly” done for so any other people, even the celebrities. The assertion “America’s #1 Skin Care Product” is used to group Proactive with the entire country and make it sound more appealing. The use of celebrities in the commercial has made it so all doubt is eliminated in the consumers mind as to whether or not it is worth the money. So then they will just purchase the product based on who is advertising for it. People do not take the time to research and look for the best product for their needs but will try something because a celebrity endorsed it.

Week 4

1. An example of bandwagon fallacy in advertising is when Jordan promotes his brand due to it being a popular sneaker for over 30 years.  He also uses everybody’s favorite athletes from different sports to promote his brand.  The sneaker may have the athlete’s name on it, but it is under the Jordan brand.  These products persuade consumers to buy products by convincing hem that they can all do the same things that athletes do if they buy the product.

2. An example of a false authority fallacy is an advertisement featuring Lebron James portraying a normal guy, which resulted in being an advertisement promoting the Samsung Galaxy phone.  When the commercial comes to its conclusion, the tagline shows the “The Next Big Thing is Here” as Lebron’s son imitates him making a shot. While the commercial is basically talking about the phone, but consumers are paying more attention to Lebron than the phone.

These examples are both effective as they are both stating the obvious fallacy. No need to change anything because the advertisements proved their points.