Due dates & submission information

 ENG 109: Fall2018

PROJECT 2: Inquiry, Topic, and Rhetoric

Due dates & submission information

· Final draft (including cover letter), teacher-feedback draft, peer-feedback draft: Check Canvas.

· Length: 750-1000 words (excluding the cover letter)

· Formatting: refer to the syllabus (MLA formatted paper)

The Purpose: What is the purpose of the assignment and why I should do it?

For Project 2, you will be conducting a rhetorical analysis of a snack bag, egg container, milk box, etc.—a multimodal text—sold at Kroger in Oxford, OH. Through completing Project 2 you will be able to learn the different ways a writer connects to the target audience and this ‘understanding will eventually advance your own writing and be critical in ‘consuming’ texts bombarding our everyday lives.

The criteria: How am I going to be evaluated?

Check the rubric and grading description on Canvas > Module > Project Prompts & Resources

The Task: What exactly should I do?

In completing Project 2, you need:

1. Form a group of three. Together, you need to select one product container/bag sold at Kroger to analyze and presented accordingly. In analyzing the produce refer to the strategies in the text ‘Analyzing Visual Rhetoric’. Make sure the product utilized various and rich modes so that it can “fill” a 750-10000-words essay.

2. Present your finding to the class. Make sure the group presentation follows the prompt. See the prompt here.

3. Choose a product that is presented in the class for your Rhetorical Analysis essay (Project 2). This can the product your group presents or from other groups. If you want to present a product bag that is not presented in class, this needs to be with my approval.

Organization: How should I organize my writing?

Project 2 includes:

1. The Cover Letter (See prompt on Canvas > Assignment > Project 2 Prompt)

2. Title: Choose a suitable title for the essay.

The title can simply describe the purpose of the essay such as ‘The rhetorical analysis of Kettle snack bag or ‘Is the Kettle snack bag able to convince its target audience?’. Or it can be more creative and illustrate your thesis such as ‘When too much greens fail people to feel healthy’.

3. Introduction.

In the introduction you need to include:

a) Thesis statement giving your explicit evaluation about the effectiveness of the rhetorical strategies/appeals in persuading the target audience

b) Mention the text you have selected and the reason why you selected it. Don’t forget to attach a picture of the text.

c) A sentence explaining how you are going to organize your essay.

4. Rhetorical Description and Analysis Paragraphs

Here mention three or more reasons of whether the text is (in-)effective in convincing the target audience. Refer to the class discussion, sample paragraphs, and materials (especially ‘Analyzing visual rhetoric: advertisement,’ page 236-241) to help you write the draft.

Remember in making the analysis, you need to continue thinking of the intended audience of the text. The best of Project 2 writing spends time exploring context and challenging “common sense” beliefs about texts and audiences. The least effective writing treats all audiences in a monolithic way, or makes only very basic distinctions among audiences (for example, teenagers versus adults).

5. Conclusion. Refer back to your thesis and summarize your findings briefly.

6. Work Cited. You need to include at least 3 sources about the produce (read ‘Analyzing Visual Rhetoric,’ page 239 ‘Consider the ethos of the Ad’).