E1: Visual Analysis Essay

Writing is about making and keeping a promise

A visual analysis essay asks you to analyze an image and discuss the context, significance, and the message it conveys to the audience.

· Topic:

· An iconic image or photograph with a global implication.

· Suggestions:

· An image or picture in U.S. with social, cultural, political, historical impact on another country/ region in the world

· A significant image or picture in another country/ region in the world and its social, cultural, political, historical impact on U.S., other countries, or the rest of the world

· Two images or pictures of one issue/ event but in two different countries, regions in the world

· A significant global issue

· An issue with political, cultural, or social significant in another country other than U.S.

· http://100photos.time.com

· UN, UNESCO, WHO website

· (Submit a copy/ picture of image with final draft)

· Format and length

· MLA format, in-text citation, works cited page

· 2 ½ -3 pages

· Sources

· At least two credible sources (NO Wikipedia!) preferably from the library databases:

· http://www.lonestar.edu/library/14629.htm > Topic overviews > “Opposing Viewpoints,” “Issues and Controversies,” > CQ Researcher

· United Nations, UNESCO, World Health Organization


· Introduction:

· Introduce the issue and provide background information relevant to the topic.

· Origin (if possible, research and find out the location and circumstances of the picture and photographer/ publisher)

· Brief description, Audience, Context (social, historical, political, …)

· Thesis: claim + reflection ( global implication and significance of the issue)

· Body paragraphs

· Description and Brief Analysis of the picture/ image in detail: (1 paragraph)

· Colors and shades, Objects and shapes, People and places

· Arrangement of elements on page, Foreground and background

· Words/ phrase

· Feelings that evokes in the audience

· Reason behind these choices/ arrangements/ ….

· In-depth descriptive details

· Analyze and discuss the emotional effects on the audience and the reason behind these choices

· Analysis of global implication and significance:

· Social, historical, political context and of the photograph/ political cartoon (2-3 paragraph)

· Who/ what is affected by this issue? Why?

· Who/ what is responsible and is able to resolve this issue

· What should be done to stop/ reduce the consequences of this issue or what practical solution could you suggest? (1 paragraph)

· Conclusion:

· The global significance of the issue

· So what:

· Why should the audience care?

· How is the audience affected by this issue?

· What action do you expect the audience to take?

Due Dates:

Picture annotation & Brainstorming sheet in class Tuesday, 09/18

Thesis/ outline Thursday, 09/20

Rough draft (in class) Thursday, 09/27

Final draft (in drop box) Tuesday, 10/02

Visual analysis Essay Rubric:

When writing your essay, you should consider these things:

MLA Format (10 points)

Global concerns: (75 points)

· Effective title

· Developed introduction including:

· Background information

· Thesis statement: global implication and significance

· Fully developed paragraphs discussing/ analyzing each element and section in separate, developed paragraphs

· Argumentative topic sentences

· Context

· 2 Evidence (direct quotation, summary, examples, definitions, logical and objective reasoning and claims)

· Analysis of the evidence (refer to index of template if needed)

· Concluding sentence/transition to the next paragraph

· Effective conclusion

Local concerns: (15 points)

· Correct spelling, punctuation, and mechanics

· Academic tone and word choices

· No MLA format-10

· Incorrect or No in-text citation/ works cited page: -10

· No submission of the image -5

· Writing Center review of rough draft + 3 extra point