ECT 241 lab report


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Standard Laboratory Report Guidelines for ECT 241: Analog Devices & Circuits (CRN 69564)

Fall 2018

Instructor: Dominick Lauria Office: Dana Hall 117

Email: Office Hours: Mondays 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Textbook: Buchla, David; Laboratory Exercises For Electronic Devices, 9th ed.,

Prentice Hall (ISBN-13: 978-0-13-254519-8)

Lab Meeting Time: Monday 9:30 AM – 12:10 PM (Dana Hall 325)

A. General Requirements:

1. All reports must be typed/word processed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Graphs may be done by hand or by a suitable computer program. Data tables and calculations may be done by hand.

2. Lab reports are due one week following the date that the experiment was executed. Late reports will NOT be accepted. If you are absent the day that the report is due, it will be accepted prior to or during the next lab that you attend.

3. Lab reports must be stapled or a 5 point penalty will be assessed.

4. You must show up on time to the lab session. Tardiness will result in a 10 point penalty on the lab report. If you must be late, please inform me in advance.

B. Sections:

Cover Sheet: Includes the lab number, the experiment title, the date the lab was conducted, the instructor’s name, your name, and your partner’s name.

Equipment List: List only the major pieces of test equipment employed in the experiment procedures. Include instrument description, manufacturer, and model number. It is not necessary to list electronic components, cables, connectors, etc.

Objectives: Brief description of experiment objectives (one or two sentences is appropriate).

Theory and Procedure Reference: Theory and procedure steps should not be rewritten; they already exist in the lab experiment from your lab textbook. These pages will be attached to your report as an appendix. In your report, simply refer the reader to the appropriate pages of the attached material.

Data: All raw data recorded during the experiment (raw data recorded on lab sheets during lab is acceptable).

Analysis: An example of a calculation with input and output. The input represents the raw data gathered by measurement. The output represents the calculated result with relation to the input.

Results/Conclusions: Consists of one or two paragraphs stating whether or not the objective(s) were met and why, one or two major SPECIFIC results, and a suggestion or recommendation (such as using a particular meter or scale, a preferred instrument for making a measurement, recommended scope probe settings for certain measurements, etc.)

Appendix: Attach a copy of the lab experiment from the lab textbook (with completed review questions section), and any additional pages including raw data, research material, etc.

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