Education and new life

When i moved to the united states from, everything was new to me . i considered myself as an outsider because of the new language, environment, culture, and place. I had a hard time to understand the world around me…..

For example, to learn vocabularies, i need to translate unfamiliar and new vocabularies. When I get into middle school in united states, because due to language barriers and the lack of confidence, i was afraid to talk to other people in new language. It was hard for me to get into people’s topic because i was confused what people are talking about. When i doing discussion or group work in class, i was the person keep silence in the group because I dare not express my thoughts. So every time doing the group work, I felt like I was in the air. It make me become more and more lonely……

In high school, when i realized that i was the other i tried my best to improve my communication skills and adopt culture differences. I don’t want to be an I try john some after school activities, i know that because of the new environment to make me become isolate. But i consider that i have my strong skill, i am good at math and sport, and then i john to badminton team in 9 grade…….

In summary, my aunt was open a chinese restaurant, and she was invite me to work in her restaurant for being a busboy. I thought i will reject the job because i don’t any work experience, i was not able to handle the job and i felt i was too young to work. However, Because of the encouragement of my family., and i consider that it was a good chance to improve my communication skill and accept the job since i was 15 years old. In my first day to work at my aunt restaurant, my aunt was teach me what is busboy need to do, because i lack of work experience, my aunt was train me again and again. I had hard time to talk with the customer….